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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Only Idiots And Fools Care About Idolatrous Symbols

As all of the various special interest groups swarm down upon Charleston in multi-pronged attempts to exploit the situation in order to advance their agendas, one that has risen to the top in the popular discussion is the alleged impropriety of the state flag of South Carolina.  Let me be the first to admit that I am not a patriot.  By that I mean I do not worship the government of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  Neither do I worship the government of the State of Colorado.  So when cloth symbols of the ever oppressing state are marched past me I do not get bleary eyed and choked up.  Indeed, just the opposite is the case.  I have a powerful negative reaction to idolatry.  I guess that is because I am a Christian.  Seeing people worship false gods always rubs me the wrong way.  So when I see people obsessively discussing a cloth symbol of state worship I get upset.
I grew up in the government schools and I was once a true patriot.  I knew all of the terms of the Code of Honor for the SDA flag and I would dutifully follow them.  I remember once, while taking down our family flag at night, tripping while walking back into the house and almost allowing the flag to touch the ground.  I was aghast at my potential sin and, as I correctly folded and stored the flag for the night, I vowed to never let that happen again.  I don't know what I would have done if the flag had actually touched the ground.  Perhaps I could have recited 50 Hail Obamas and flogged myself with a wet noodle 50 times.  Needless to say, I was well indoctrinated in government worship.  It took years to overcome that handicap.
I understand the utility of a flag.  A flag allows for quick identification of the national registration of ships.  It also allows for quick recognition of the thousands of enemies we are constantly in a state of war with.  Many flags, by means of the way they are designed, make comments about the particular history of a geo-political entity that is important to the people who live within it.  A flag has social utility in those senses and I have no problem with social utility.  My problem begins when men demand that I worship their idol.  That is when the line must be drawn. 
Apparently the flag of the State of South Carolina resembles the Confederate flag of the historic confederacy of southern states.  Given the fact that a racially motivated series of murders just took place in South Carolina, it makes perfect political sense that various groups of northerners would take this opportunity to agitate against the South Carolina flag.  It is easy to imagine the same sort of thing taking place if some sinful murderer had walked onto an Indian reservation and killed 9 Seminoles.  There would be immediate calls to change the names of various college mascots.  Social activists and other people who are unable to control themselves but spend all of their lives attempting to control others love these sorts of opportunities to get their faces plastered all over the public square.  Liberal white northerners are taking advantage of the Charleston murders to advance their agenda of anti-Confederacy.
Mitt Romney (remember him?) has come out to say that "many see the Confederate flag as a symbol of racial hatred" and tweeted that "South Carolina should remove it now to honor the Charleston victims."  That was a couple of days ago.  I awoke this morning to discover that the SC governor has declared that the flag is to be removed or changed or something.  I am not sure what she can do but her statement about wanting to do something has resulted in every state worshiper in the land getting all excited and agitated.  Many citizens of SC are quite properly telling the career politicians from other states to mind their own business.  In addition, many citizens of SC are quite proud of their cloth idol and have no inclination to change it whatsoever.  It is hard for northern white liberals to understand but for many southerners their flags are more than just a symbol of their desire to go around killing black people.  For many southerners their flags are symbols of the War of Northern Aggression and they proudly display them to remember their valiant fight for independence from the Union.
There is so much historical confusion surrounding the Civil War, largely due to the fact that the winner writes the history books that are used to indoctrinate all government school children in the state's official version of what happened.  Just the other day I had a plumber give me a lecture on how King Abraham Lincoln was forced to go to war against the Confederacy because, "despite giving them two warnings, they still refused to remain a part of the Union.  He just could not allow them to split off,"  I was informed.  The rather obvious fact that the plumber simply presupposed that federalism is gospel truth was lost upon him.  The little known and often ignored truth is a bit different.  According to Wikipedia, "At the 1787 Constitutional Convention, a proposal was made to allow the federal government to suppress a seceding state. James Madison, the acknowledged father of our Constitution, rejected it, saying:  'A Union of the States containing such an ingredient seemed to provide for its own destruction.'"  Although the right to secede is not specifically described in the Constitution, I believe it is an easy case to make that secession is not unconstitutional.  Lincoln, as is also not taught in government schools, was willing to allow those states south of the Mason-Dixon line to continue the practice of slavery, provided they remained members of the Union.  Lincoln was a government worshiping federalist, not a liberator of slaves.  If citizens of SC want to have an idol that reminds them of the fact that they were killed by the millions for attempting to secede from the SDA, what harm can there be in that?  To claim, as white liberal northerners love to do, that the Confederate flat is a symbol of the sin of slavery is specious at best, and a lie at worst.  
I have strayed far from my point so let me get back to the reason I decided to post on this topic.  In the Socialist Democracy of Amerika today all flags that represent various branches of the omnipresent and allegedly omnipotent and beneficent civil government are little more than idols.  They are treated as the idolatrous symbols of pagan gods have been treated throughout history.  Those who do not bow down to the idol are punished.  When a batch of dirty foreigners, all of whom deserve to be killed by the way, are conquered, the first thing that is done is to remove their idol and replace it with the true idol.  Busy-bodies and other obsessive-compulsive controlling types are exploiting the Charleston tragedy in an attempt to impose their will on people who are not under their authority.  They are doing it in the name of their god, just as the people of SC are operating in the name of their god.  The one thing they all agree upon, and which is also lost upon all of them, is they are all nothing more than a filthy, vile, disgusting batch of idolaters who worship the government and its caste of priests known as career politicians.  Idiots and fools, all of them.

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