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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Militarized Police Killing Record Numbers of SDA Citizens

The same year that the director of the Colorado Department of Transportation declared that it is possible to go an entire year without a single fatal accident on a Colorado roadway, the police who are expected to enforce the new rules that will save so many lives, are killing citizens at an alarming rate.  You can find the blog post about how the perfect combination of new rules, electronic highway signs and police enforcement have come together to guarantee that no person ever dies on a Colorado highway again here.  To find out how killer cops are mowing down citizens as if there is no on.
The headline of my Sunday Denver Post was "2015 rate is twice 10-year figure."  The sub-headline was, "Nearly 1,000 such fatalities could be reached this year."  When I saw the headline I immediately tried to guess what the underlying topic might be.  Clearly many more people are dying this year than have in the past as a result of something.  I wondered if maybe it was the bird flu.  Nah, I thought, the bird flu has not transmitted to humans yet.  Then I wondered if it was AIDS patients.  I haven't heard much about them lately.  But it didn't make sense that they would see such a dramatic upturn in deaths.  Then I thought it must be the total number of suicides by homosexuals.  I thought this was going to be the introduction to an article about how we all need to love homosexuals so they will stop killing themselves.  As it turned out, all of my theories were in error.  The article was about the number of Socialist Democracy of Amerika citizens who have been killed by the police in 2015. 
According to the article originally published in the Washington Post, the following statistics accurate sum up the state of affairs that exists between the militarized police forces of the SDA and its citizens:
  • The rate of fatal killings at the hands of the police in 2015 is more than twice the rate of fatal killings by the federal government over the past decade.
  • According to an independent analysis by the Denver Post, police are now killing SDA citizens at the rate of 2.6/day.  
  • 50% of those who have been killed by the police are white.
  • 80% of those who were killed were armed with guns, knives or "revving vehicles."
  • So far this year 49 people who were killed were unarmed.
  • 16% of all the killings were of unarmed citizens.
  • Eight of those killed so far this year were children.
  • 50% of the killings were related to citizens calling the police to deal with some sort of domestic disturbance.
  • 25% of those killed were identified as "mentally ill."
  • The other 50% of those killed were usually related to robberies or serving warrants.  No distinction was made between those two categories.
  • 20% of those who were unarmed were killed while running away from the police.
  • In less than 1% of the cases where a cop kills a citizen is the cop charged with a crime.
  • Of the thousands of killings over the past decade only 54 have produced criminal charges and in those 54 cases "most officers were cleared or acquitted."
So there you have it.  The police in the SDA are no longer made up with people like Barney Fife.  The police forces roaming our streets are heavily recruited from prior military personnel.   Police training is now para-military training and the cops have been instructed to treat SDA citizens as the enemy.  Is it any surprise that we are dying like flies?

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