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San Juan Mountains
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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Amerika Is A Post-Christian Society

Several years ago I admitted, under duress, that I am a regular reader of Ask Amy.  You can find my true confession here.  As I alleged at the time, I do not read Amy Dickinson's column because I consider her to be a moral luminary. From what I can tell she is a God-hating pagan just like everyone else.  But even God-hating pagans have some measure of common grace given to them and they occasionally have something worthwhile to say.  The primary reason I read her column is for a daily laugh.  The people who write to her are horrific losers who have messed up their lives because of one stupid decision after another.  Most of them tell tales of drunken sex, illegitimate children, lazy husbands/boyfriends/children who sponge off the responsible people and, recently, tales of woe by homosexuals.
Last week a heterophobe (for those unfamiliar with the term, a heterophobe is someone with a mental illness that causes him or her to have a phobic reaction to heterosexuals) wrote to Amy about a problem in his life.  Here, in part, is what he wrote, "I am 21 years old and have been openly gay since high school.  I have been dating a 27 - year old man whom I love with all my heart....He is a closeted bi-sexual.  I know he cares about me and loves me with all his heart but we are constantly arguing because he has to keep me a secret....He says he might want kids or a wife in the future but that he is very happy with me and loves me....I honestly do not know what to do anymore I understand being scared and being in the closet.  He has extremely religious and ignorant parents..." 
If you managed to get through that without vomiting over your keyboard, good for you.  The moral depravity displayed by this man, as well as his overall extreme sissy-ness, makes that paragraph difficult to read.  Nevertheless, I put it here in order to give you a bit of the context of his letter.  I am only interested in the last phrase I have quoted above.  This God-hater makes the preposterous claim that simply because someone is a Christian he is also ignorant.  He presents no argument for his position.  He presents no examples of his position.  He simply presupposes that he is correct and then goes on to defame an entire class of people simply because the members of that class believe his behavior to be sinful.  Now who is really behaving like an ignoramus?
I was hoping Amy might cut him down a bit and rebuke him for his stupid characterization of Christians as ignorant people.  She did not.  Her advice was short and bitter.  She wrote, "Being on the down-low is death to your self esteem.  I hope you find someone who will love you out in the open, and exactly as you are."  I wonder if she would have written that if the man was a pedophile?  I wonder if she would have written that if the man was into bestiality?  Alas, we shall never know.  What we do know is that a thoroughly brain-washed Amy has given in to the argument that all homosexuals have dangerously fragile self-esteems that need constant affirmation from the rest of us.  She dutifully provides the affirmation she believes this man needs.  Allow me to provide something else.
Repent of your homosexuality before it is too late.  You are doomed to the Lake of Fire if you do not repent.  That having been said, I have a bit more to say as well.  Actually, I have two questions for this intellectual homosexual who believes me to be an ignorant fool.  Are you aware that Judaism, Christianity and Islam all condemn homosexuality and call for capital punishment of those who practice it?  How are you able to dismiss millions of adherents of three religions that have existed for thousands of years with the pejorative "ignorant" label without so much as an argument in support of your position?  You do not have to answer those questions because I already know the answer.
You can dismiss Christians as ignorant for no better reason than the fact that the Socialist Democracy of Amerika is a post-Christian society.  There are those who argue that the founding fathers of the United States were Christians and that they founded a Christian country.  I am not one who believes in that doctrine.  However, it is impossible to ignore the fact that Christian doctrine and practice clearly was the most influential school of ethical thought in creating the foundational moral principles of the United States. But that was a long time ago.  In my generation many things have changed.  Nothing illustrates the shift of emphasis from what was known as the Judeo-Christian ethic to a secular, God of the Bible hating, government loving socialism than the homosexual movement.   Today homosexuals can dismiss Christians as ignorant fools because they have won the cultural war and established themselves as normative in our society.  Those who hold to cherished and ancient doctrines have no place in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika anymore, if we ever did.  In the name of kindness and inclusion the homosexuals have rudely excluded Christians from the public square.
All calls for tolerance, as a man named Rusdoony once wrote, are merely political games used to transfer power from one group to the other.  Once those in power have been subverted by those calling for tolerance, a new intolerance is immediately imposed upon the prior group.  We are at that point today.  Christian ethics have been subverted by the rule of God-hating men.  Now that the God-hating men are in power there is no place for tolerance of the Christian position.  The irony of that fact somehow always seems to be lost upon the homosexuals.  Why am I not surprised?

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