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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

None Dare Call It Non-Racism

I have not been paying particular attention to what has been happening in Baltimore recently.  It all seemed eerily reminiscent of Ferguson and my weak heart is not up to another barrage of calls for the government to make racism illegal.  Baltimore is a city that is far away from me.  I can't recall  anything good coming out of Baltimore since the collapse of the Baltimore Orioles teams from the 1960s and 1970s.  Frank Robinson, Brooks Robinson and Boog Powell were impressive ball players.  The starting rotation of Dave McNally, Jim Palmer, Mike Cuellar and Pat Dobson was impressive.  Those guys all threw close to 300 innings a year.  Ah yes, I do remember when pitchers were real pitchers and went out and pitched every fourth day without complaint.  A reader of this blog told me recently that the 1971 Baltimore Orioles pitching staff had 71 complete games that year.  He also pointed out that, at the current pace, the sum total of all pitchers for all MLB teams this year will have ~50 complete games by season end.  Sissies, all of them.
So it was with some hesitation that I read an article about the Baltimore riots in my newspaper yesterday morning.  It told me the same old story.  Baltimore is a city in decline because the top 49% of the taxpayers in this country greedily want to keep their money rather than sending it to government agents in Baltimore.  The reason Baltimore has problems is because not enough taxpayer dollars are flowing into the city coffers.  More money for education will solve all problems.  A lady named Caneisha Mills was quoted as saying, "The good feelings (about the indictment of six police officers) won't last unless the criminal charges are followed by much more than guilty verdicts.  We need education centers, social programs and counselors."  All of that got me to thinking.  Just how much of my money has been sent to Baltimore in recent years?
I didn't have to wait long for my answer.  I was watching Bill O'Reily last night and it was the first point he brought up in his show.  Here is what he said, "For the past 48 years, Democrats have controlled the city of Baltimore. During that time, the city's population has fallen 30% and the poverty situation has grown more intense. During the last five years, the federal government has poured billions of dollars into the poor areas of Baltimore. Total taxpayer money given: $1.8 billion. The result: Not much improvement. So either the money is being stolen or the Democratic administration in Baltimore is so incompetent that, despite billions in funding, poverty and hopelessness remain entrenched. It is the behavior of individual people, not big daddy government, that leads to success. And touting that message is free of charge. Poor Americans trapped in ghettos have a right to be furious, but their anger should be directed at the corrupt, dishonest politicians who are lying to them."  So there it is.  $1.8 billion has been poured down the rat hole that is Baltimore and all we have received in return is rioting and charges of racism.
But the problem is that this is not a case of racism.  It is amazing to me but the media seems incapable of overcoming its bias in favor of declaring racism to be the cause of everything that happens in this sinful country.  After reading the story about how many blacks in Baltimore have taken to the streets to demand  more of my money because whitey is keeping them down I scanned down to the bottom of the page.  There, to my shock and amazement, I saw the photographs of the six cops who have been arrested and charged in the death of Freddie Gray.  Guess what?  Three of the six are black.  Indeed, the man actually charged with murder is black.  And not only that, one of the six cops is a woman.  And a black woman to top it all off.  How can the death of Freddie Gray be racially motivated when half of the cops allegedly responsible for his death are the same race as he was?  Even more significant, from my view, is why is this story not being told?  What is the real story here?
The real story, as should be obvious to all, has nothing to do with racism and everything to do with police brutality.  Police brutality is at the core of all of these stories.  Racism has little to do with it.  Baltimore, a city of 623,000 people, is 64% black.  Baltimore has a black mayor who also happens to be a woman.  Baltimore is controlled by the Democratic party.  Baltimore has received billions of dollars in welfare payments and still finds itself in abject poverty.  If there is a city in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika where black people can say they are well funded and control their own destinies it is Baltimore.  Yet all I am hearing is that whitey is responsible for all of the evils that currently exist in Baltimore, including the murder of Mr. Gray.  Hogwash, all of it.
Law and order Republicans do not want to tell the story of police brutality so they readily adopt the racism angle on these stories.  Welfare statist Democrats desperately want more taxpayer dollars so they play up the racism angle in these stories in what are generally successful attempts to get more of my cash.  It seems as if all the media power brokers have an incentive to gloss over the real issue here.  Police brutality is the issue but very few people want to discuss it.  Nobody dares to say that what is taking place around this sad land has little or nothing to do with racism and everything to do with renegade cops who are drunk on power and addicted to the use of their militaristic weapons against a docile citizenry.  But even that observation does not tell the entire story.
The reason cops are rampaging all around this disgusting land, beating up and killing citizens at will, is because they have been given the responsibility of enforcing hundreds of thousands of immoral laws that criminalize practically everything we do.  Why just today I found out that if I hang up my Christmas tree lights this Christmas I will be breaking the law prohibiting the use of that particular type of light.  It seems the federal government has determined that I am stupid and the lights are unsafe so they have been banned.  I suspect that the real reason for the ban is economic.  Some Senator or Representative has a brother in the Christmas light business who could not compete with the high quality Christmas lights being imported from China and sold, quite inexpensively, at Wal-Mart.  A law had to be made and it had to be justified as being in the public interest.
My point, unlike the laws we live under, is simple.  There are too many laws criminalizing too many moral activities.  Many of the laws contradict each other.  Here, however, is where it gets personal.  Do you know why there are too many laws?  You should.  You are the cause.  Every time you clamor for a new law you become a part of the problem.  Every time you complain about a "do nothing" Congress you are a part of the problem.  Every time you elect a career politician because of the laws he promises to create and enforce you are the source of the problem.  Every time you participate in the state sacrament of voting you become a part of the problem.  In the SDA we, the citizens, get exactly what we want and what we all clearly want is more laws and more criminalization of our activities.  Enjoy the country you have created, just don't insult me and call my opposition to it racism.  We both know better than that.

Update:  May 6, 2015

A reader sent me this quote about today's post, "Nor is scarce funding necessarily the issue. According to data compiled by the U.S. Census Bureau and Department of Education, Baltimore in Fiscal Year 2012 spent an average of $15,287 on each elementary and secondary school student, an investment that ranked Baltimore third, behind New York and Boston, on the list of top spenders among the country’s 100 largest school systems by enrollment. And yet recent studies have shown only 16 percent of Baltimore’s eighth graders score at or above grade level in reading, only 13 percent for math."

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