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Monday, May 11, 2015

Anti-Discrimination Laws Unequally Enforced Against The Welsh

I just found out that the God-hating members of the heterophobic community, whoever they are, have declared this upcoming Sunday to be "World Make Fun of a Homophobic Person Day," or something like that.  I believe homosexuality is a sin and that all who practice it are bound for the Lake of Fire.  Because I hold to this ancient and orthodox doctrine of the Christian faith I am described as having the mental illness of homophobia.  The definition of homophobia, as it is commonly used, is that I do not continually both verbally and behaviorally reinforce the tender psyches and beliefs of homosexual people about themselves.   I am labeled as one who discriminates against others.  Christians, which I profess to be, who discriminate against homosexuals are engaging in what the government of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika calls a hate crime.  It will not be long before we will find ourselves imprisoned for holding to a Christian belief that has been around for thousands of years.  But this is not the point of today's blog post.  All this talk about discrimination has got me to thinking.  With the crusade that the SDA government has taken up against evil discrimination, certainly all discrimination based upon race, age, gender, religion and sexual orientation has been eliminated from this immoral land, right?   To answer that question I went in search of modern examples of discrimination.  Expecting to find none in this land that reveres law and order, here is what I found instead:
  • According to this website, a group of God-hating sexual perverts regularly discriminates against men by allowing women into their orgies for free. I guess they have to provide some incentive to the women to get enough of them to show up for their swinging parties.
  • On a somewhat less immoral level, according to this website, ladies are admitted free to particular dog races that are held.  I do not know if that is because the owners of the establishment do not believe enough dogs are present without the presence of the women.  I make no judgment about the potential misogyny in this promotion and merely present it as a case of discrimination based upon gender.
  • Seniors, variously defined, receive huge subsidies around the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  This website lists over 100 companies that list some sort of senior discount.  That is discrimination against anyone who is not a senior and is expressly forbidden by the laws of the SDA.  Why is this practice permitted to continue? Why are the proponents not being thrown into jail for their horrendously evil activities?
  • I was looking into playing some golf in the Phoenix area a month ago.  Guess what I discovered about green fees in the Phoenix area?  Owners of Phoenix area golf courses discriminate based upon where a person lives.  As a non-resident of Arizona I had to pay the highest daily green fee just to play a round of golf.  Arizona residents, holders of club memberships and seniors all received discounts that were not available to me. That is discrimination and it is illegal.  I demand that it stop now.
  • This website presents a list of 34 discounts that are available only to college students.  Why should I have to pay more for a hamburger than a college student does?  Why should I be discriminated against because I am no longer in college?  All I want is my fair share.  All I want is what is coming to me.  These people should be arrested for their discrimination against me but still it is allowed to continue openly, in a gross violation of the anti-discrimination laws.
  • Here you can find a list of 80 discounts that are available only to government school teachers. Why should a person get a discount just because he is a government school teacher?  Do I not support them enough with the thousands of dollars per year I pay in real estate tax? Why should they be the beneficiaries of discrimination against me?  I demand equal rights.  I demand the same benefits as government school teachers.  I demand the government prosecute the evildoers who are perpetuating this immoral discrimination.
  • I had better be careful about my demands.  Here I am demanding government do something about the rampant discrimination in this immoral land when government is actually subsidizing discrimination. AMTRAK, the government owned and operated railroad service, discriminates against me.  Ten different groups of people, none of which include me, are given subsidized rates to travel with the company.  Go here for the specifics.  This blatant discrimination is unfair, unjust, illegal, immoral and, most of all, being done by the very government that is here to protect me from such things.
  • How silly of me to not realize that the SDA government is the mother of discrimination.  I need go no further than the IRS code to see that truth dramatically illustrated.  There I find that single moms, low income groups, families with children, government school teachers, performance artists, participants in Obamacare, students, people who invest for retirement, people who invest overseas, people who use daycare, people who invest in oil and gas wells and people who buy and install certain government approved home improvements all receive preferential treatment from the government.  They are all subsidized, with lower taxes, for their behavior.  Since I belong to none of those preferred groups I am being discriminated against on a grand scale by my own government.
  • In a rather bizarre turn of events, the NRA discriminates against me by offering reduced membership rates to young black males.  Go here for the story.  Why should a 20 year old black male be permitted to pay less for his NRA membership than I do?  This is an outrage!
  • Speaking of minority groups, single moms get all sorts of discounts.  Go here to see a list of them.
  • Here is a list of 80 discounts that are available to veterans.  We all know that veterans are heroes and that it is impossible to give them too much free stuff but we can't ignore the fact that doing so is clearly against all of the anti-discrimination laws in this land.  When is this going to stop?  Hundreds of thousands of businesses around this country offer military discounts.  Active military personnel get discounts on hundreds of things that I am forced to pay full cost for.  I am discriminated against hundreds of times everyday and nobody gives a hoot.
  • Go here and here to see how Alaska Airlines and American Airlines discriminate against me by giving homosexuals discount air fares when they travel to gay destinations for gay events.  In a clear case of discrimination I am not given a discount when I travel to Christian destinations for Christian events. Why should the gays be given preferential treatment and, even more important than that, why is the fact that they are given preferential treatment not a clear example of illegal discrimination?
  • In a strange reversal of fortune and a good example of the government enforcing the rules against discrimination, an auto shop owner made the decision to give discounts to people who are gun owners but not to extend that discount to homosexuals.  As you would expect, the homosexuals complained to the government and the long arm of the law is now reaching out to grab the hapless auto shop owner.  Who knows what the government will eventually do to him?  I guess the government has to initiate its anti-discrimination program somewhere.  Go here for the story. 
According to the Denver Post last week, when two Mexican business owners in a northern Colorado town offered a one day 10% discount to whites at their restaurant they were threatened with fines and closure by the government.  I have only scratched the surface of the total amount of discrimination that takes place every day in this sad land.  Tens of thousands, and probably even more,  of discriminatory events take place every day and nobody bats an eyelash, at least until the discrimination is in the favor of middle aged white males and Welshmen.  Here is some of what the newspaper article had to say:
"Rubbin Buttz BBQ in Millikin is offering a 10 percent discount to white people on what they are calling 'White appreciation Day.'  The barbecue business designated June 11 as white appreciation day, a sign in the window shows.  According to its two Latino owners, the discount offered to whites only is not being made with the intent to discriminate but to bring people together....But Jennifer McPherson, interim director of the Colorado Civil Rights Division, said public businesses can't treat someone differently based on race, color, creed, disability, sex, sexual orientation, national origin or ancestry....Anyone found guilty of discrimination could be issued a cease-and-desist order and the division also could assess a fine of $50 to $500, she said." Well there you have it.  The anti-discrimination laws have finally been broken and, by doggies, somebody is gonna pay.  All it took was for a couple of Mexicans to do something nice for Welshmen like me.  This will not do.  I suspect that Jennifer McPherson is Irish and that goes a long way to describing why she has initiated this program of terror against the restaurant owners.  Ultimately though, she is correct.  Mexican restaurant owners cannot discriminate in favor of the Welsh and against the Irish without running afoul of the wonderful anti-discrimination laws that guide this beautiful country.

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