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San Juan Mountains
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Monday, May 4, 2015

Bitter Ironies

Life in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika is filled with bitter ironies.  It is impossible to live in a land where the citizens worship the career politicians who rule over them while, at the same time, demand those career politicians create an ever increasing body of laws to regulate every aspect of their lives without getting to the point where we are today.  Laws are created to appease special interest groups and buy votes from the members of those groups in exchange for future payments of taxpayer dollars.   Given the fact that there is no rhyme or reason for why laws are made other than the pursuit of other people's money it is inevitable that conflicts will arise.  Today I want to write about just a handful of the bitter ironies that have risen to the top of my closed little mind as I sit here at my keyboard.
  • Have you all seen the video of the mother in Baltimore who went down to the street and gave her teenage son a smack-down because he was participating in the street riots?  If you haven't you might want to Google it and watch the video.  But turn the audio down, in addition to smacking her son repeatedly in the face she is also bombarding him with a series of F-bombs.  I later learned that this lady is a good church-goer.  I wonder what her doctrine of swearing is?  At any rate, the overwhelming response to her actions is positive.  People everywhere are writing about how this mom is a perfect example of what we need in this country today to stop the problem of teenage gangsterism.  Now compare this mom's actions to those of Adrian Peterson.  Peterson was fired from his job with the Minnesota Vikings, where he was making millions of dollars a year, because he struck his disobedient child with a wooden switch, raising a welt on his bottom.  The overwhelming response of the public to Peterson's discipline of his child was negative.  Now, I wonder, why has the public responded so differently to what are essentially the same two actions?  I suggest it is because Peterson's discipline was consistent with biblical teaching, and therefore hated, whereas the Baltimore mom's discipline directly contradicted the biblical injunction forbidding striking another person in the face and therefore is loved.  Whether my theory is correct or not does not really matter.  It is bitterly ironic that Peterson is perceived as a devil while the Baltimore mom is a paragon of virtue.
  • Do you remember the case from a year ago when a father forced his kid to get out of the car and walk the remaining mile to their home?  He did it as an act of discipline.  Every parent I have ever known has threatened to kick the kids out of the car and force them to walk home at one point or another.  Of course under the terms of the SDA Nanny-State, that action is now illegal.  The man was arrested and charged with child abuse.  In a bitterly ironic twist on that case a mom contacted the cops last week and had them arrest and hand-cuff her young son for his disobedient behavior.  The cops were willing to go along with the ploy in an attempt to scare the boy straight.  Photographs have circulated around the internet of the boy crying like a little baby as the cops lead him off to the squad car, his hands smartly cuffed together.  The overwhelming response to that image has been positive and the mom has been lauded for her loving parental discipline.  What is the difference between the two actions?  I believe it is simple.  When the dad in the first case disciplined his children he did not first ask for the permission of the government to do so.  Therefore he was punished for his transgression.  In the most recent case however, the mom obtained permission from her government handlers in advance.  As a result her behavior is highly sanctified and held up as a model for all of us. 
  • I recently learned that the State of Nebraska is suing the State of Colorado because of Colorado's legalization of marijuana.  Apparently Nebraska government regulators are upset that the costs involved in enforcing the laws against marijuana in their state have gone up as a direct result of marijuana legalization in Colorado.  They want the citizens of Colorado to pay for the costs of their laws against marijuana in their state.  Does it get any more ironic than that?  The marijuana laws are filled with irony.  In Colorado there was a person, I do not know who he was, who was arrested for having marijuana just before the day it became legal to have marijuana.  He would have been arrested twice before for possession of marijuana and, as a result of Colorado's "three strikes and your are out" law, he would be serving decades in prison.  He is sitting in some Colorado prison as I write this sentence.  The very next day after he was arrested for possessing marijuana another fellow who had also been arrested two times previously walked into a marijuana store and bought some.  He is a free man today.  See the irony?
  • If I go down to the local marijuana store today and purchase an ounce of marijuana and then drive to the Nebraska border I must be very careful.  If one inch of my body goes over the theoretical line dividing Colorado from Nebraska I become an immoral drug-trafficker.  Once I cross back over that line into Colorado I am a moral citizen of my home state.  I am thinking about driving out to the border this afternoon, bag of marijuana in hand, and skipping for several miles along that line with one foot in Colorado and one foot in Nebraska.  I want to feel what it is like to be highly immoral and highly moral at the same time.
  • Want to know how much of your money has been spent on the SDA's "War on Drugs?"  Go here for the report.  According to this report from Fox News, the SDA has spent over $1 Trillion on the drug war in the past 40 years.  That makes the SDA's war on drugs the longest and most expensive war in the sad history of this militaristic country.  After 40 years of war, what has the SDA government gained for its efforts?  Go here to find out.  Scroll down to item # 107 where you will find a chart showing how the use of government disapproved drugs in this country has changed over the past ten years.  You will notice that despite the efforts associated with the war on drugs the use of "illicit drugs" by the citizens of this country continues to climb.  How ironic is it that despite the fact that all the efforts to prosecute the war on drugs have resulted in an increase in the use of those drugs targeted for elimination, those who are prosecuting the war continue to call for more money and more arms for their efforts?  Wouldn't you think that after spending $1 Trillion someone might say, "I give up?"
  • Peter Rose is banned from baseball for life because he bet on games while A-Rod is being heralded as a great player, despite his repeated use of PEDs and his continual lying denials about his use of PEDs.  How ironic. 
  • The Bronco's first round draft choice is being forced to participate in the NFL's drug scrutiny program because he was in possession of marijuana, an action that is legal in Colorado.  If he is found in possession of marijuana again he can be fired from the Broncos, losing millions of dollars in the process, for possessing a legal commodity like corn or hog jowls.  
Look around.  It is everywhere.  Logical consistency does not exist.  The hodge-podge of laws that make all our lives so miserable also create a wonderful plethora of bitter ironies for us to enjoy as we are being carted off to prison for our particular offenses.  What a joy it is to be a citizen of the SDA.  

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