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San Juan Mountains
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Monday, April 13, 2015

Smokers, Homosexuals and Smoking Homosexuals

According to the CDC, "Percentage of U.S. adults aged 18 years or older who were current cigarette smokers in 2012: 18.1% of all adults (42.1 million people): 20.1% of males, 14.5% of females. 21.8% of non-Hispanic American Indians/Alaska Natives. 19.7% of non-Hispanic Whites." 
According to this website, here is a list of "10 Deadly Diseases Caused By Smoking." 
  1.  COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)
  2. Cardiovascular (heart) disease
  3. Cancer (lung cancer, esophagus cancer, larynx cancer, mouth cancer, throat cancer, kidney cancer, bladder cancer, pancreas cancer, stomach cancer, Cancer of the pancreas, and Liver cancer.) 
  4. Emphysema
  5. Chronic Bronchitis
  6. Asthma
  7. Stroke
  8. Hypertension
  9. Atherosclerosis (buildup of fatty substances in the arteries)
  10. Impotence
I am not sure I would classify impotence as a "deadly disease" but when it comes to smoking and smokers no exaggeration is too extreme.  I believe we all know the argument against smokers.  Their habit is disgusting.  Their habit is harmful.  Second hand smoke is as deadly, or more deadly, than first hand smoke. Smokers are sick all the time and they are a terrible burden upon the health care system, whatever that is, of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  Because smokers are such disgusting and subhuman creatures we are free to discriminate against them in any way we wish.  Laws are created every day that single out smokers for discriminatory treatment and there is nothing they can do to stop it.  If you do not believe me, read here, here, here, here, here and here.  I challenge you to read that series of posts to this blog and come to any conclusion other than smokers are subhuman neanderthals who deserve all the bad treatment they get. 
I was watching the television the other night and a couple of commercials came on promoting tourism in Minnesota.  The commercial showed handsome, lively, kind, generous, non-discriminating and healthy homosexual men frolicking in Minnesota.  They invited me to join them.  I think I will pass. But it did get me to thinking.  Just how healthy are homosexuals?  Here is what I discovered.
According to the CDC, "Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) have been increasing among gay and bisexual men, with recent increases in syphilis being documented across the country. In 2012, men who have sex with men (MSM) accounted for 75% of primary and secondary syphilis cases in the United States. MSM often are diagnosed with other STDs, including chlamydia and gonorrhea infections.  HPV (Human Papillomavirus), the most common STD in the United States, is also a concern for MSM. Some types of HPV can cause genital and anal warts and some can lead to the development of anal and oral cancer. Men who have sex with men are 17 times more likely to develop anal cancer than heterosexual men. Men who are HIV-positive are even more likely than those who are uninfected to develop anal cancer."
According to this website, "High rates of intestinal parasitism are found in MSM [men who have sex with men] throughout the world."
According to this website, "A new variety of staph bacteria, highly resistant to antibiotics and possibly transmitted by sexual contact, is spreading among gay men in San Francisco, Boston, New York and Los Angeles, researchers reported Monday....MRSA infection is caused by Staphylococcus aureus bacteria — often called 'staph.' MRSA stands for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. It's a strain of staph that's resistant to the broad-spectrum antibiotics commonly used to treat it. MRSA can be fatal....We are nowhere near the peak. The peak will occur when it spreads into the general population."
According to this website, "Within the male homosexuality community, there is a subculture of overweight/obese homosexuals which is called the chubby culture (an overweight male homosexual within this subculture is called a "chub")....Homosexual women are less concentrated on physical appearance and more satisfied with their bodies while being more tolerant to obesity.... For lesbian women the ideal body image is more massive than for heterosexual women....Some of the medical conditions associated with obesity include: type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and triglycerides, coronary artery disease (CAD), stroke, arthritis, cancer, sleep apnea, reproductive problems in women and varicose veins. In addition, medical science research indicates that excess weight impairs brain function."
So there you have it.  Homosexuals engage in a lifestyle, just like smokers, that is harmful to their health.  Not only is it harmful to their health, just like smoking it is also harmful to those who are around them.  Just like second hand smoke kills innocent little children when they whiff the air, antibiotic resistant bacteria created by homosexual activity also kills the innocent when they become infected by it.  Homosexuals, because of their lifestyle choices and just like smokers, are a tremendous burden upon the health care system of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  In fact, except for the choice of behavior, it seems to me as if smokers and homosexuals pretty much should occupy the same caste in the SDA.
I think you can guess my next question.  If smokers are members of the pariah class, why are homosexuals given a free pass?  Indeed, homosexuals are not just given a "Get Out of the Pariah Class Free" card, they are given most favored treatment by the government despite the fact their choice of behavior is at least as harmful and deadly to themselves and others as smoking.  Hummmm.......I wonder why that is?  Do you know?  Please help me to understand.  Why are smokers discriminated against and homosexuals are given special government privileges? 

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