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San Juan Mountains
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Monday, April 6, 2015

Government Employee's Lives Matter, Ordinary Citizen's Lives Do Not

I was reading my Denver Post last week when I came across an interesting article.  It was entitled, "CDOT's annual Remembrance Day pays tribute to those struck down while working."  The story went on to describe several pitiful human beings whose relative's lives had been cut short by working for the Colorado Department of Transportation. These pitiful folks told the sad stories of how their now deceased kin-folk had worked as highway repair people up until the moment they were struck by a vehicle and killed on the job.  Inevitably the murderous villains behind the wheel of the death cars were either drunk, elderly or an air-headed teenager sending a text to her friend saying, "Where are you now?"  The entire article sent me spiraling into depression.
I learned that "in 2013, there were 11 crashes, resulting in 14 work-zone fatalities in Colorado....There were nine crashes last year, resulting in 10 fatalities."  I also learned that, "Nationally, more than 600 people are killed and 37,000 injured in work-zone crashes each year."  I also learned that, "CDOT's annual Remembrance Day ceremony was held in conjunction with National Work Zone Awareness Week.  The names of the dead are highlighted this time every year because road work is beginning in earnest and crews are especially vulnerable."  At this point I was on the verge of becoming ill.  Let me tell you why.
As I pondered all of the public mourning that was taking place it occurred to me that I was being robbed.  That's right.  I was being robbed.  Why should I be forced to pay, as a taxpayer, for the statist religious ceremony celebrating the lives of those government employees who were cut down while working along the side of the road?  Why is any of this my business?  Why should there even be a newspaper article about it?  Why should the survivors of those government employees not be afforded the honor of grieving in private, like the rest of us do when we lose a loved one?  Why are the lives of those who work for the government more worthy than those of us who do not?  Why should the mere fact that a person worked for the government bring about a state of affairs in which the government creates an annual, taxpayer funded, memorial service that is observed throughout the entire Socialist Democracy of Amerika?  As I pondered these questions I stopped being depressed and started to become angry.  Here is why.
10 government employees were killed while working along the side of the road last year in Colorado.  600 government employees were killed while working along the side of the road last year in the SDA.  While those lives were being snuffed out 726 cyclists were run over and killed by errant motorists.  I checked back over several years, to 2001, and discovered that that number of deaths was amazingly uniform.  For the past fifteen years about 60 cyclists per month have lost their lives while pedaling along the side of the roadways of this sad land.  Now here is the rather obvious question....why are we not celebrating the lives of those cyclists?  Why are the taxpayers not funding an annual service to remember the brave fallen cyclists?  If anything the loss of life while cycling is more tragic than the loss of life while working along the side of the road.  The workers had to be there, the cyclists volunteered to ride along the road.  Why should someone who volunteered to ride his bike down the road not be honored for his courage and sacrifice after his life is taken away by a drunk driver or an air-headed teenage driver? 
Even worse, as I probed the data, last year 4,743 pedestrians were struck and killed by motorists.  Where is the celebration of their lives? Where is the national day of remembrance for them?  It was then that it hit me.  There is only one difference between the people who were killed while working along the side of the road and the people who were killed while cycling or walking along the side of the road.  Have you figured it out?  Right!  One class works for the most high and holy government of the SDA and the other two classes belong to the lowly hoards of peons.  I can only come to one conclusion as I survey the statistical truths I have related to you above.  Government employees lives matter but the lives of ordinary citizens do not. 

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