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San Juan Mountains
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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Career Politicians Believe You Are A Financial Victim

There is a strange irony to be found within the things career politicians say to us.  On the one hand they clearly believe we are the most evil people in the world.  They create legions of laws designed to keep us compliant with their desire to obsessively control our lives.  When I want to add another room to my house without first getting the permission of government I am evil.  So government creates a law forcing me to get its permission first.  When I want to put my child in my car and drive to Dunkin Donuts I must first obtain a government approved safety seat.  If I do not use one I am an evil parent and, if caught, my child can be taken away from me and given to a family that worships the government.  When I leave my 13 year old son home alone while I play a round of golf with my wife I am evil.  If my busybody neighbors report me to the police my child will be taken away and given to that same family that worships government.  If I refuse to pay for my neighbor's kids to go to government school I am called an evil person and my home is taken away from me.  When I complain about the fact that I am one of the 49% of the citizens in this monstrous land that pays all of the federal income taxes I am told that I am evil because of my unwillingness to pay my "fair share," whatever that is.   Practically everything I would do if I was really a free man is deemed to be evil by the career politicians who rule over me.
Perhaps the best empirical evidence that we are the most evil people in the world is that the enforcers of the rules created by the Socialist Democracy of Amerka's career politicians have incarcerated more SDA citizens than any other nation in the history of the world, both in gross incarcerations and as a percentage of the population rotting away in prison cells.  How else can you explain the incarceration rate in this country if it is not due to the clear and obvious fact that we are all very, very evil people?
Everywhere I look I see bureaucrats telling me I am evil.  Every new law that is created is designed to do something about my evil tendencies.  The police forces empowered to enforce all of those rules also see me as evil and protect themselves from me like I am carrying a nuclear bomb.  They believe they need military equipment to keep me in line.  They wear armor and carry shields and have guns that can blow me into small pieces if they want to.  I must be really evil.
Despite the fact that the message that is continually being proclaimed to me is that I am evil, something changes dramatically the moment the career politicians and the bureaucrats talk to me about my money.  All of a sudden I am a victim.  I am not evil any more.  The reason I don't have any money saved up has nothing to do with the fact that I am a drunkard, or a drug addict, or a materialist.  No, I don't have any money saved up because economic times are tough and despite my best efforts as a "working family,"  whatever that is, I am always broke. Poor people are never poor because they are irresponsible with their money.  Poor people are never poor because they blow all of their discretionary income on material things that soon disappear.  No, poor people are always the noble poor who are in that condition due to no sinful or illegal behaviors on their part.
Consider the unemployed single mom with six illegitimate children, all by different men.  The career politicians and bureaucrats fall all over themselves to help her.  They provide her with EBT cards so she can buy food and cigarettes.  They give her Aid for Families with Dependent Children.  They help her complete her tax return so she can get the Earned Income Credit, paid for by the top 49% of the income population in this envy filled country.  She gets free Medicare insurance and happily goes to the emergency room at taxpayer expense.  Despite all of the obviously sinful and irresponsible behaviors on her part she remains a victim in the eyes of government.  There is nothing she can do financially that would ever cause her to be seen as an evil woman in the eyes of the government.
Now imagine just for a moment what happens when that same single mom is caught smoking a marijuana cigarette.  Suddenly everything changes.  She has now violated the law.  She is now evil.  If she had been caught two previous times smoking a single marijuana cigarette, in a state other than Washington or Colorado, she is now subject to the "three strikes and your are out" provisions of the law. She is going to prison.  It does not matter that she is leaving six kids to be cared for by state social services.  It does not matter that she pleads with the government for the right to stay out of prison and take care of her kids, at taxpayer expense of course.  All of her pleas about financial hardship now fall upon deaf ears. She is no longer a victim.  All that matters now is that she has broken the law and must be punished.  So she is sent off to prison for 10-20 years.  Does this make sense to anyone?
As I was pondering the Dr. Jekly/Mr. Hyde nature of our dedicated public servants it occurred to me that there is a reason for their madness.  When a career politician wants to control the population under his rule, thus satisfying his overarching desire to be a despot, he creates new laws to regulate every minute detail of our lives. To justify his despotic actions he tells us that we are evil and in need of his mighty regulatory hand.  On the other hand, when a career politician wants to get reelected he does what all career politicians have always done.  He gives away massive amounts of taxpayer money to people who will then vote for him in exchange for the payouts.  To justify giving away massive amounts of taxpayer dollars to the people who will now vote for him the career politician tells his constituents that they are victims of financial hardship and that his actions are those of a beneficent public servant, intent upon helping the working families of the SDA get a leg up in life.  All of his actions are simply to "level the playing field" and make sure "everyone pays his fair share."  It is the perfect transaction.  Free money is handed out to innocent victims and votes are given to the beneficent caregivers. 
From the perspective of the career politician the exact same person can be an evil fiend or an innocent victim of circumstances beyond her control at exactly the same time.  All that really matters in our various life situations is how the ruler desires to spin his actions as he engages us, the sheeple.  When he wants to feed his ego, we are evil. When he wants to perpetuate his fiefdom, we are good.  This truth dramatically illustrates that career politicians care about only one thing....themselves.  Why does that not surprise me?

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