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Friday, April 10, 2015

Bill O'Reilly Hates Ron Paul

I was watching the Bill O'Reilly show on Fox News a couple of weeks ago when he asked a question of his guests.  I forget who was sitting at the desk with him but there were two people there.  He wanted to know if they would be willing to have dinner with Ron Paul.  I think we can see where his question was leading. Ron Paul, as everyone no doubt is aware, was a libertarian-leaning Republican congressman who recently retired.  He was the fellow that, when the House votes were counted, was the "1" who voted against what the other 400+ congressmen were in favor of.  Ron Paul operated under the principle that if the proposed bill could not be squared with the role of the federal government as defined by the Constitution of the United States, he would not vote for it.  As a direct result of his commitment to the Constitution of the United States he rarely voted for any of the bills that were proposed as new laws for the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.
Now at first blush you might be prone to believe that O'Reilly would like Ron Paul.  Both are considered to be staunch conservatives on many issues.  Both are anti-abortion.  Both believe in a strong defense.  Both believe in a balanced budget.  Both want to see a smaller federal government that burdens its citizens with less rules and regulations, thus promoting economic growth.  Although they might have some differences on minor matters it is not hard to believe that O'Reilly would be honored to have dinner with the retired congressman.  But such is not the case.  Although both of Bill's guests said that they would be honored to dine with Paul, Bill made it very clear as he adamantly asserted that he wanted no part of a dinner with Ron Paul.  Do you know why?  Let me tell you.
Despite his assertions to the contrary, Bill O'Reilly is a practitioner of the religion of Statism. But don't take my word for it.  Here is what Bill himself said, in a loose paraphrase as best as I can remember it three weeks later, "I would never sit down to eat with Ron Paul because he was a do-nothing congressman.  In over twenty years in the House of Representatives Ron Paul never sponsored a bill except one to name a library in his district.  He opposed every bill that was put before him, even those bills put before him by Republicans.  I want nothing to do with Ron Paul."  Ah we have arrived at the heart of the matter.
Bill is no more of a conservative than King Obama is.  The only difference between King Obama and Bill O'Reilly is that they have joined different political parties.  Other than that they are identical.  Both want to keep their parties in power forever.  Both want to control both the Congress and the White House.  Both will do whatever it takes to obtain and maintain political power in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika. Both will pander to the voters to get what they want. Both will say whatever they need to say to get their guy elected.  Both believe that the federal government is all powerful, all knowing and all good.  In a word, both are committed to the religion of Statism.  The only difference is that one is a Pharisee and the other is a Sadducee. Bill's animosity towards Ron stems directly from the fact that Bill believes that Ron was not a "team player."  He would not do the things that needed to be done to support the Republican party in its efforts to control all federal political power.  Bill hates the fact that Ron operated on the principle of constitutionalism rather than Republican party cronyism. 
Bill, and other "conservatives" like him, talk all the time about the importance of reducing the regulatory burden that has been placed upon citizens of the SDA by an overreaching federal government.  Immediately after making that pronouncement they then go on to lambast the most recent congressional session as a do-nothing session because an insufficient number of new laws were created and signed into law.  Apparently the conservatives like Bill O'Reilly are just too stupid to see that they are contradicting themselves.  At least the "liberal" party in the Statist religion is willing to admit that they believe people can be saved by creating more laws.  It makes sense for them to celebrate when a congressional session creates more laws that the previous one.  But the conservative members of the priesthood should be smart enough to realize that new laws makes new regulations which makes for bad business and a growing leviathan government.  They can't have it both ways and yet they try to.  Why?
The answer to the "why" question is simple.  Politics is about power and power alone.  It is not about statesmanship.  It is not about adherence to the Constitution, as Ron Paul's career so clearly proved. It is not about protecting the rights of the minority or doing what is good for the country.  It is not about engaging in limited wars for defensive purposes only and, at the same time, reducing political barriers to engaging in wealth creating trade with citizens around the world.  No, politics is about power.  Bill O'Reilly knows that.  He also knows that Ron Paul is all about anti-power.  That is why he will never invite him to dinner.

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