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San Juan Mountains
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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Depressing Day at the Rockies Home Opener

The Colorado Rockies had their home opener last Friday versus the New York Mets.  They won the game although I do not remember the score.  I was so overcome by depression after the game I have lost all memories of what took place during the game except those items that made me so upset.  The opener was an afternoon game on a sunny day at Coors Field.  Everything was set up for a wonderful day at the ball park until statism took over.  Let me tell you about it.
Baseball is a game played by children.  I played it every summer day for years as a child.  For some reason that I do understand, adults developed a fondness for the game and came to be willing to put down some of their hard earned cash to watch fellow adults play a child's game.  If you love baseball you know what I mean.  If you don't, there is nothing I can write that will explain the affection baseball fans have for the game.  Regardless, baseball evolved in the free market into a financial behemoth.  The average salary for an MLB player this year is $4 million.  Lots of that money comes from huge television contracts that pay the league enormous amounts of money for the opportunity to broadcast the games.  Obviously a lot of people are watching the televised games, I am one of them, because ratings are good and advertising revenues are large enough to allow players to make tons of money.  Good for them.
The point of that previous paragraph is simply that baseball evolved in the free market.  It is a sterling example of how the free market produces goods and services for sovereign consumers.  When consumers are satisfied with the goods and services being produced they pay money to enjoy them.  The more satisfied they are the more they will pay.  Not being a socialist or a communist sympathizer I am not bothered by the fact that baseball players earn more in one year than teachers, firefighters and cops earn in their entire careers.  Let the market determine the pay scale.  That is my motto.
When I settled down to watch the home opener I did not expect to see a series of ceremonies celebrating the free market, although I would have been pleased if that had taken place.  I knew that a couple of ceremonies were scheduled to honor the players from last year's team that accomplished significant statistical milestones during the year.  Justin Morneau was honored for winning the NL batting title.  Nolan Arenado and D J LeMahue were given their "gold gloves" after winning that award for third base and second base, respectively.  There were brief speeches, some applause and a feel good moment for everyone.  I appreciated that.  Then a dark cloud rolled across the sky and covered the stadium.  Everything suddenly turned ominously depressing.
After the players were honored a series of members of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika's military were introduced.  What they had to do with baseball or the free market was not explained.  Then a military color guard marched across the field as the fans in attendance were ordered to stand and respect the flag of the SDA.  After the color guard was in place the Air Force Academy Brass played the SDA National Hymn.  Everyone was ordered to stand, put their hands over their hearts and sing along.  At the conclusion of the National Hymn the 120th Fighter Squadron of the Colorado Air National Guard conducted a "flyover."  I was looking for cover, thinking about jumping into the visiting team's dugout in order to avoid the bombs that I expected to see falling from the sky.  Those around me were cheering wildly, many with tears in their eyes as they contemplated the fact that the SDA military can kill anyone it wants any time it wants.  I sat there incredulous.  I thought to myself, what does any of this have to do with baseball?
Each game usually starts with a ceremonial first pitch.  The person selected to throw out the first pitch is usually some child who has won a contest that gives him the privilege of going on to the field and chucking the ball in the general direction of the Rockie's catcher.  Besides his parents I doubt most people even pay attention to the ceremony.  Opening day is different.  The first pitch on this day was thrown out by a uniformed officer of the law.  He was cheered wildly by the fans who obviously wanted to show that they were solid proponents of law and order, whatever that means.  I sat there dumbfounded.  What does being a cop have to do with baseball?  I just could not figure it out.
Then the entire squad from both teams were introduced.  I kind of liked that.  It gave me a chance to put a face to the new names on the team.  What shocked and amazed me was that while the teams were being introduced a gigantic SDA flag was unfurled.  The flag covered the entire outfield.  I was totally confused.  What does the religious emblem of the SDA have to do with who is on the team this year?  I still haven't figured that one out.  Finally the ceremonies were over and the game began.
The seventh inning stretch is a baseball tradition.  It began years ago when some career politician attended a baseball game and got up to leave the stadium in the middle of the seventh inning.  Out of respect for his office the fans in attendance stood up.  Ever since then fans have stood up in the middle of the seventh inning.  The Rockies usually play a version of "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" during the stretch and many fans will sing along.  On high, holy days however, the Rockies follow the pattern of other MLB teams and play "God Bless America."  Today was no different.  In the middle of the seventh inning the fans were ordered to stand on their feet and join in invoking the God of the Bible to bless Amerika.
Since 1900 the SDA military and career politicians have killed about 27 million foreigners.  That number includes those who were killed directly by the military as well as those who starved to death as a result of SDA sanctions.  I am assured by loyal patriots that all 27 million of those stinking foreigners deserved exactly what they got, probably because they did not proclaim that the SDA is the greatest country in the history of the world.  Some of them no doubt had the audacity to not fear the SDA.  They signed their own death warrants.  Since 1973 women in Amerika have conspired with government licensed "doctors" to murder 54 million babies.  No doubt each of those babies deserved exactly what it got.  Being allowed to be born would have seriously cramped the lifestyle of drunkenness and fornication of the mothers so the kids had to die. 
Why should I be compelled to invoke God to bless Amerika? Why should God bless a nation of people who hate Him and flagrantly violate His holy law daily?  Why should God not judge this sin-filled nation for its multitude of murders and idolatries?  And most of all on that day, what does any of this statism have to do with baseball?  I am still depressed just writing about it.  I think I will go watch the Rockies. They are playing the Giants tonight and I hope there will not be any state worship.

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