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Friday, March 20, 2015

Nuclear Proliferation From Iran's Perspective

Republicans are up in arms with the Obama administration's handling of the anti-nuclear proliferation treaty currently being negotiated with Iran by Secretary of State Kerry.  Indeed, the Republicans became so enraged at what they perceive to be give-aways on the part of the Obama administration that they unconstitutionally drafted a letter and sent it to the Iranian government informing them that any treaty signed while King Obama is in power will immediately be overturned when he is unceremoniously tossed out two years from now.  It has been mildly amusing watching the conservative news media as it attempts to justify the actions of the Republicans in Congress.  It is clearly a violation of the Constitution for them to do what they did in sending the letter.  The Constitution empowers the Senate to approve treaties that have been constructed by the Executive branch with a super-majority vote.  Other than voting a treaty up or down the Congress has no right to engage foreign powers directly.  I guess the lesson to learn here is that hypocrisy knows no political boundaries. 
Conservatives in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika are itching to wage war with Iran.  The propaganda is being spewed forth at an alarming rate.  Just like Iraq had weapons of mass destruction that Hussein was about to launch upon our native cities and towns, so the evil Muslim rulers of Iran are within days of having a nuclear arsenal which will make them the most severe threat to the national security of the SDA since the Cold war.  Everything the Iranian leaders say is full of lies and deception as they evilly plan their scheme for total world domination.  Only the SDA can stand against them and we must do it now before it is too late.
As I was listening to Fox News last night it occurred to me that the lovers of war in the Republican camp seem utterly incapable of seeing anything from the perspective of Iran.  Everything is seen from the perspective that the SDA is barley hanging on as a world super-power, with Russia, Syria and Iran all yapping at our heels.  The extreme stupidity of that belief seems lost upon them.  So, without further ado, let's try and consider the situation from Iran's perspective, shall we?
Despite the fact that Iran is being described as an extremely aggressive state that loves to engage in war around the region of the Middle East, the historical truth tells a very different story.  Since 1900 Iran has been involved in a grand total of seven wars. Check my facts for yourself here.  Iran was invaded by a coalition of Russian and British forces during WWII.  The Iranian Crisis of 1946 took place because the Soviets refused to leave Iran after the war ended, as they had promised.  The Dhofar war of 1973-1976 was a minor skirmish involving Saudi Arabia, Oman, the UK and Iran.  The Iran/Iraq war of 1980-1988 started when Iraq invaded Iran.  In addition Iran has been involved in several domestic squabbles involving Kurdish separatists within its borders.  That brings us up to the present time where we find Iran launching offensives against ISIL.  Looking over this list of atrocities it is difficult to see how Iran can be labelled a hostile nation.  For the most part Iran has been on the receiving end of warfare.  The war in which it is presently engaged is against the same foe the SDA is presently engaged.  I conclude that it is impossible to objectively conclude that Iran has ever shown any hostile intentions towards the SDA, despite the occasional outbursts of rhetoric from extremists within the country. 
On the other hand, Iran has had numerous involvements with military super-powers and they have always ended poorly.  They have been invaded numerous times.  In recent years they have witnessed the most powerful military force in the history of the universe wage an undeclared war against an imaginary enemy in neighboring Iraq.  The end result of that war, as can be clearly seen by every Iranian, is the total dissolution of the Iraqi society and complete subjugation to the SDA.  Now if you are an ordinary citizen of Iran watching all of this stuff go down, who do you perceive to be the biggest threat to your personal security?  It does not take a genius to figure out that Iran can easily see the SDA as its biggest external threat.
The SDA has the largest nuclear arsenal in the world.  The SDA spends more money on nuclear weapons research and development than any country in the history of the world.  Go here for the facts.  The SDA is the only country to routinely discuss the possible use of strategic nuclear weapons in the wars that it prosecutes around the world.  The SDA is the only country to ever actually use a nuclear weapon.  Then, to top if all off, the SDA is knocking on the door of the Iranian border after destroying Iraq.  If I am an Iranian what am I thinking about all of this?  That is not hard to figure out.  If I am an Iranian I desperately want my country to develop nuclear weapons. Why? To protect me from the SDA.  The idea of using those weapons against the SDA is absurd and ridiculous beyond belief.  Any confrontation with the SDA would mean certain death.  But having a nuclear weapon at hand is sufficient cause to keep the SDA at bay.  I would look around and note that the SDA has ignored those countries that it hates that actually have nuclear weapons.  Why should I not join that elite group of countries that have some small degree of protection from the depredations of the SDA?

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