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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Serve Or Be Served, The Choice Is Yours

I was driving down to road heading to Dunkin Donuts and bopping to the latest Katy Perry song on my radio yesterday when it hit me.  It was actually a song by Tracey Chapman, which preceded the song by the illustrious Ms. Perry, that got me to thinking about the concept of service.  She was singing a tale of how she wanted to get a good job working in a convenience store in order to be able to help pay the bills of her father and husband/live in boyfriend.  As I considered the lyrics I was thinking that it was mighty noble of her to work so hard to pay the bills of others.  It also occurred to me that the job she wanted was a service job as well.  So as I was standing in line at Dunkin Donuts, salivating at the idea of the upcoming vanilla creme, it occurred to me that service is an idea that needs to be explored in a bit more detail.
Every morning when you get up you have a decision to make.  Are you going to serve others or be served by others today?  The decision that you make in regards to that question will determine the entire pattern of that day's behavior for you.  The decision that you make does not have to be universal in scope.  That is, you can serve others for part of the day and be served by others for another part of the day.  In the Socialist Democracy of Amerika the majority of people make the decision to serve others at least five days a week.  Those are the people who make the rational decision to go to work and serve others via their employment.  Not all people who make the rational decision to go to work actually serve others.  Around 18% of those who make the decision to go to work five days a week are not actually serving anyone.  Those are the people who are employed by the various branches of government.  Of course not everyone goes to work.  Forty percent of the citizens of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika do not work at all.  Of the sixty percent who do work, eighteen percent of those work in government jobs which serve career politicians exclusively. So if we break down the numbers it looks like this:  50% of SDA citizens work in the private sector for profit seeking companies, thus serving others, 40% of SDA citizens do not work at all and 10% of SDA citizens work for the government, thus serving themselves and career politicians.
You probably take exception to my observation that government employees do not serve anyone but career politicians.  You can think of all sorts of government jobs that serve the public.  The clerk at the local Division of Motor Vehicles office might come to mind.  Or maybe you are thinking about the local building inspector.  Perhaps the agent from OSHA that visited your workplace last week has popped into your mind.  How about the agent from any of the hundreds of governmental regulatory agencies in this over-regulated land?  What about the lady from Homeland Security who harassed you the last time you went to the airport?  How about the cop who pulled you over for doing 35 mph in a 30 mph zone?  The simple fact of the matter is that if we actually consider what is done by those who occupy government jobs we realize that the work that they do is in support of the government, not the public.  Everything that takes place in a government job is an outgrowth of some prior law created by a body of career politicians.  Those career politicians make a new law and pass it on to a bevy of bureaucrats to administer.  Everything those bureaucrats do in their jobs is done in service to the new law and the career politicians who created it.  The public, as if this observation has to be made, is not a part of the equation.  Think about this truth the next time you are waiting in line at the DMV.  I think you will see that I am right.
The half of us who go to work and serve others in profit seeking businesses are the ones who support the entire country.  The taxes that are paid by the top fifty percent of the earners from this group of workers fund almost the entire federal budget.  If I do a little math here we can see that 25% of the citizens of the SDA are supporting the entire governmental structure of this socialistic country.  Indeed, that 25% of the citizenry is also paying the entire salary burden of the 10% who work for the government.  I happen to be one of the 25% who make the decision to serve others most days and it irks me no end that my efforts are channeled off to support deadbeats and the government employees who encourage them. 
It used to be the case that kids, as they grew up, realized that they would have to go out and serve others if they did not want to become a "burden upon society," as we used to call it.  Everyone who was of sound mind and body realized that the day would come when he would have to get a job or start a business in service to others.  There was a real excitement involved in going out in the real world and producing things that others would pay for.  There was a real sense of shame associated with anyone who made the decision to freeload off the efforts of others.  Those people were called lazy and exhorted to get off their bums and find some way to serve the other members of society. We all realized that serving others was the means by which we would obtain income and be self sufficient and productive members of society.  Alas, those days are no more.
Today it is considered socially beneficial to be a person who is served by others.  Government exists to make that possible for millions of SDA citizens.  Career politicians rejoice as they create more laws that create more bureaucratic rules that, in turn, create more government dependent citizens.  People who are served by others are told by government representatives that they deserve to be taken care of by others because they are (pick one) discriminated against, handicapped, afflicted with a mental illness, single mothers, illegitimate children, objects of racism, objects of sexism or just not Welsh.  There is no stigma attached to being served by others for your entire life.  Generation after generation in some families have been successful at never doing anything to support themselves, living perpetually on the government dole. 
I long for the good old days when most people saw value in work and service to others.  I rejoice when I see a young man taking initiative in his own life and launching out to find a niche from which he can serve others and derive income to support himself.  I don't rejoice much these days.  I see lots of young men who believe the world owes them a living.  I see lots of people who believe they have been victimized by everyone, including their grandmothers.  I see lots of people who look to government for their sustenance, not realizing that they are the real victims of those government wealth transfer programs. 
I had another depressing thought about the nature of service.  Service is a good thing and everyone should arise each day planning to serve others in some way.  But government will allow no competition.  Government wants to control every aspect of life in the SDA.  So what does government do to those who are most productive at serving others?  The progressive income tax is imposed upon them.  Those who actually do serve others the most have the most of their income taken away from them and given to the government, which then uses that money to compete against them to serve the citizenry.  The more they make the more they empower the government to fight against them.  How depressing it all is.  It is enough to make me want to stop serving and go on the government dole. Meanwhile, I think I will have a doughnut. 

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