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Monday, February 16, 2015

Evangelical Christians Worship The Cops

Evangelical Christians are being taught by their pastors to worship the police forces that routinely harass, abuse and spy upon the lawful activities of the citizens of this tyrannical land.  Under the guise of submission to the lawful authority, Evangelicals are being required to engage in acts of idolatrous worship of the armed thugs who enforce the immoral laws of this sad land upon them.  I came across a story on a website last week that told me of a pastor of a church in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika that conducted a ceremony of police worship during the regular worship service of the church.  The pastor's name is Kellogg and here is a brief summary of what happened:
"During a recent Sunday service described by a congregant as a ceremony of 'police worship,' Kellogg led the congregation in a ritual during which each of them raised his hand and recited the following oath:
I pledge to do my best to follow the law.
I pledge to thank a police officer for their [sic] service.
I pledge to call 911 if I see someone suspicious in my neighborhood.
I pledge to watch the back of our officers as they fulfill their duties.
I pledge to pray for the safety of all members of law enforcement."
For the full story about the church that preaches worship of the police, go here.
If you are like most Evangelicals, or most of the sheeple who populate this land, you have no idea how bad things have become.  Your natural desire to respect authority and support those who rule over you causes you to cast a jaundiced eye upon anyone or anything that would criticize their behavior.  It is time to wake up. This is not a story about racism, as so many would have you believe.  The cops tyrannize all races, without discrimination.  This is a story about the inevitable abuse of power that occurs every time a group of people are granted authority over another group of people.  Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  The police forces in this country are corrupt to the core. 
Don't believe me?  For examples of police abuse of power go here, here, here, here and here.  Still don't believe me?  For an excellent book, written by John Whitehead and entitled "A Government of Wolves", go here. I challenge you to examine the cases of police brutality that routinely occur in this land and come to the conclusion that we should be worshiping cops.  I challenge you to read Whitehead's book and come away with the conclusion that the cops are basically good men who only rarely step over the line of behavioral propriety. 
Today I want to consider the four oaths that were sworn by the government worshiping members of the False Prophet found in the church service described above.  The False Prophet, for those of you who are not eschatologically inclined, is the religious body that exists in the end times that encourages the members of the visible religious institution of those times to engage in worship of the Beast.  The Beast was, is and always will be civil government.  In our land today the Beast is seen primarily in the Amerikan Empire and the False Prophet is the evangelical Christianity which encourages the worship of the Beast.  The idolatrous service of worship of government employees that took place in the church above is a prime example of the work of the False Prophet.
The idolaters in the evangelical Church above first worshiped the Beast by promising to "follow the law."  The law of the land declares that abortion is legal, that homosexual unions are God-honoring, that wars of imperial expansion are morally necessary, that you have the right to force your neighbor to pay for your children's government school education, that jack-booted thugs have the right to stop you and search you without a warrant or probable cause to believe that a crime has been committed and that those same jack-booted thugs can break down your front door, toss a flash-bang bomb into your living room, kill your dog and arrest you for a drug law violation all on the basis of your angry neighbor's anonymous tip.  The foolish and ignorant Evangelicals who repeated that pledge took an oath in the presence of God that bound them to disobey the law of God in order to obey the law of the land.  There is always a sure-fire way to determine who the god is in any particular land.  Just follow the law.  When the immoral laws of men are enshrined as the law of the land the worship of those who create and enforce those laws is never far behind.
Police officers do not serve and protect.  Nevertheless, the second oath bound the Evangelical who recited it to "thank a police officer for his service."  Why would you ever want to thank a man for enforcing an immoral law upon the land in which you live?  The cops exist to enforce the law and the law is immoral.  It therefore necessarily follows that the activities of the cops are immoral.  And now the poor souls in that church who swore that oath have bound themselves in a promise to thank government employed thugs for enforcing immoral laws upon them.  Can you think of anything more bizarre for an Evangelical to do?  The cops do not serve the communities in which they work.  On the contrary, the communities in which they work serve the cops.  Cops are paid by the taxpayers in their districts.  Cops inflate their budgets by means of the revenue they collect from the members of their districts as they fine them for myriad infractions of immoral or amoral laws.   Cops are given preferred parking spaces.  Cops are given discounts on meals.  Cops are idolized and worshiped and, in return, they tyrannize us by their behavior.  I don't see why we should thank them for that.
I love the third oath.  "I pledge to call 911 if I see someone suspicious in my neighborhood."  By swearing that oath every Evangelical who took it promised to become a spy in service to the all-knowing government.  In essence each citizen has been turned into an agent of the government with one job to perform....spy on his neighbor and report his neighbor to the government when he does something he doesn't like.  Can you imagine a system more rife for abuse than that?  Rather than swearing an oath to act as an agent of the government and spy upon his neighbor, the Evangelical in the church above should have promised to leave his neighbor alone and mind his own business.  That would be the biblical thing to do.
The last oath misrepresents the nature of police work.  The Evangelicals who swore to the fourth oath did so because they believed that police work is inherently more dangerous than other careers in this country.  That presupposition is grossly in error.  Go to this article for the truth about the relative degree of danger associated with police work.  If Evangelicals really want to pray for those in dangerous occupations they should pray for commercial fishermen, lumberjacks, trash collectors, roofers, structural iron workers and truck drivers.  All of those occupations are far more dangerous than being a cop.  All of those occupations are also not related to the government so they are certain to be ignored.  Only when a person dies in service to the government does his death matter. Those who die in the private sector, or even worse those who die while seeking a profit, are irrelevant people who do not matter in this disgusting country.  When only the lives of government employees matter we can be sure we are living in a time of Beast worship.  When churches encourage the worship of dead government employees the circle is complete and the end is near.  When the church comes to exist for the purpose of encouraging the worship of the government you can be sure that the church is now operating as the False Prophet.  We do not have to look far today to see that we are living in those times.  Churches everywhere adore and venerate the civil government and all of its tyrannical and imperial activities.  Woe upon us.

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