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Friday, January 30, 2015

Shocking News: People Want Free Stuff

Despite the fact that the majority of Amerikans in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika initially opposed the enforcement of Obamacare upon them, those same citizens are now screaming to high heaven that the Supreme Court had better not overturn the subsidies they are receiving for their health insurance premiums.  Go here to read the full story.  You, no doubt, will be as shocked as I was to discover that, "A strong majority of Americans would want officials to restore often-significant financial aid given to Obamacare customers in much of the United States if the Supreme Court rules the assistance is illegal, a new survey shows....The poll reflects the fact that even as the Affordable Care Act continues to be viewed negatively by more Americans than those who view it positively—46 percent to 40 percent—there is stronger reluctance among the public to see those who have been helped by the ACA lose its benefits....But 64 percent agreed that 'Congress should pass a law' to restore the subsidies if the Supreme Court said the ACA as written does not allow them. While Democrats and self-described independents were the most supportive of that view, 40 percent of Republican respondents said Congress should pass a remedy.  In states served by, 59 percent said they would want their state to create its own Obamacare exchange in the face of a high court decision ruling the federal exchange subsidies are illegal. And a slight majority of Republicans in those states, 51 percent, agreed that their state should take such action."  Has everyone gone insane?  No, not really.  Everyone has simply given in to the sinful emotion of envy.
What we are seeing here is a classic case of beggar thy neighbor.  How is it possible to explain the contradictory beliefs that Obamacare in general is a bad idea and yet, at the same time, Obamacare subsidies are a good idea?  How can 46% of SDA citizens declare Obamacare to be wrong while, at the same time, 64% of SDA citizens will call for Congress to override the judicial decision of the highest court in the land and recreate Obacare if the Supreme Court decides to shut down the subsidies?  Under the very best of logical conditions there is a group making up at least 10% of the citizens of the SDA who both want and don't want Obamacare.  That is intellectual schizophrenia and it is to be expected in a society that no longer thinks but simply emotes when it comes time to make important decisions.
Did you vote for the Republicans in the last election?  Were you stupid enough to believe their lies about overturning Obamacare?  Did you really think they would allow the health care market to operate under free market principles?  How could you have been so dumb as to believe that even if Obamacare was overturned it would not be immediately replaced with some form of Republicancare?  Have you learned nothing from the abortion lesson?  Republicans who got elected promising to overturn Roe vs Wade have never done anything, even when they controlled both Congress and the White House, to overturn that murderous Supreme Court decision.  Republicans are just like Democrats.  They are all liars concerned with nothing but their careers and their pensions.  How can anyone continue to have faith in these people in light of the never ending stream of evidence that they are all, to a man, hypocrites and pathological liars?
Notice that the majority of Republicans will agree to create a new socialized health insurance system if the Supreme Court shuts down that part of Obamacare.  We are all socialists now.  We are the Socialist Democracy of Amerika and the Republicans are proudly leading us into a European style of socialism that will eventually bankrupt the country.  But guess what?  It is not their fault.  Do you know why?  The answer is simple.  You are the one to blame for this.  Every one of you who voted in the last election is responsible for this debacle.  Everyone of you who has clamored for a government handout of some sort is responsible for our present condition.  Everyone who demanded federal disaster aid is guilty as charged.  Everyone who looks to the federal government the moment the slightest thing goes wrong is responsible for where we are today.  Everyone who believes the government owes them a living is to blame for where we are today.  Come on, stand up and be a man, admit what you have done.  You are the cause of our socialism.
I will cut you some slack and help you to absolve some of your guilt, but it will come at a price I am certain you are not willing to pay.  The reason you both oppose and approve of Obamacare is because you are a sinner, guilty of envy and overwhelmed by your inability to turn down the government when it offers you free stuff.  Deep in your mind, not your heart, you know that it is wrong.  Deep in your mind you know that nothing comes for free.  Deep in your mind you know that everything the government gives you for free was first extracted, under penalty of law, from your neighbor.  But you don't care.  You can't overcome the sinful desire to get something for nothing.  It seems as if that big government check that arrives in your mailbox just appeared by magic and you do everything you can to convince yourself that you are not participating in an act of theft against your neighbor as you cash it. Admit it, you worship the government.
But you are not willing to admit that you are sinful, much less that you have the sinful emotion of envy.  You will certainly never admit that you see the government as the source of all good things in your life.  You will never confess that you turn to government on a regular basis to solve all of your problems.  You couch your receipt of stolen goods in terms of social justice and our need to do something for the underprivileged members of our society, whatever those phrases mean.  You sleep soundly at night, on a pile of other people's money, because you are successful at telling yourself what you are doing is good for society.  You remind yourself that most all of the money coming from the federal government, actually 98% of it, is being taken from the evil 49% of the population that makes the most money.  The members of that 49% are evil because they are making their money by exploiting the poor.  It is only right and fair for the government to step in and force them to pay their fair share of the bill.  And in this case their fair share is all of it.  So when you receive all of that free stuff you are actually engaging in a morally good behavior.  You worship at the throne of a Robin Hood government that easily convinces you that you are a victim of oppression at the hands of the rich and fully deserving of  transfer payments, less 20% for handling and political pension funding.
If Obamacare is a good idea, how about a new car for every family earning less than what the top 49% make?  It is certainly not difficult to justify the need for every family to have a functional automobile.  Once those deserving families have their cars we also need to make sure they have the gasoline needed to drive them around.  How cruel it would be to give them cars and not allow them to drive them.  So everyone making enough money to place them in the top 49%, evil people all, need to pay their fair share and add a federal income surtax to their tax returns to pay for the gasoline of the underprivileged.  How could anyone not believe that to be a good idea?  Only a cruel and heartless rich person does not see the wisdom of my proposal.  Of course the car needs to be able to continue to function in order for the poor working families of Amerika to be able to sustain themselves.  So the rich will be asked to pay their fair share and add a little bit more to their tax bill to pay for the maintenance costs of all hard-working Amerikan families below a certain income threshold.  Don't be surprised if the list of people on the receiving end of these morally necessary programs grows as those on the margin make the entirely rational decision to stop paying surtaxes and start receiving free stuff.  It is the Amerikan way.  Free stuff for all.

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