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San Juan Mountains
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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Don't Give My Money To Goat Ropers

The Denver Post had a front page headline story yesterday about a federal government wealth transfer scam that was supposed to make me feel good.  I forget the name of the federal giveaway program today, there are so many of them it is impossible to keep track of them all, but it was designed to give my money to military veterans who allegedly have PTSD.  That is usually all it takes for the taxpayers to roll over and agree to be fleeced.  Nothing is too good for our boys, heroes all of them.
This particular fellow was a vet diagnosed with PTSD who also happens to be in pretty bad health.  He can't get around his goat ranch very well so my money was taken from me and used to purchase a electric wheelchair of sorts that allows him to tend to his many goats on cold winter mornings in the mountains.  There were pictures of him tending his goats.  There were pictures of his cute little goats being tended.  The whole propaganda piece was designed to elicit those sorts of warm feelings that media types try to conjure up so often these days.  You now the type.  After the story is told everyone just kind of sits and looks at each other with smiles on their faces and tears in their eyes.  The whole story made me sick.  After reading it I flew into an almost uncontrollable rage.  The dog quickly left the room.
I am sick of having my money stolen from me and given to men and women who have worked to endanger my life and property by engaging in imperialistic wars of aggression around the world.  The world, and my place in it, is a less safe place today because of the activities of these people that I am now being forced to support.  It does not make me feel good to know that somebody can continue to tend his goats only because he is a recipient of my tax dollars.  There is no constitutional or moral basis for my money being stolen from me and given to a goat rancher.  I resent it.  It angers me.  I wish it would stop.  But, like I described in my earlier post about resolutions for the new year, I will suffer in silence. This is the punishment I deserve for living in a country that worships government and the career politicians and bureaucrats who staff it.
I wish the goat roper had applied another of my new year's resolutions to his life prior to agreeing to be the recipient of stolen goods.  Resolution # 3 said this, "Anytime a career politician promises to do something for you you must first ask this question, 'How is this going to be paid for?' Once you have asked that all important question you must ask one of two follow up questions.  Those questions are, 'Why should I be forced to pay for something I do not want?' and 'Why should my neighbor be forced to pay for something I do want?'  Once you have answered those questions I believe you will know which path to follow."  The answer to the first question is, "you are going to get your electric wheel chair compliments of your neighbors who pay taxes."  The answer to the second questions should have been, "My neighbor should not be forced to pay for something I want."  After that the goat rancher should have politely told the federal agent to take a hike.  That, of course, did not happen.  It never does.  There is not one citizen in a million who has the moral character to tell a government agent with a bag full of other people's money to go away.  And that is why we are where we are today.
It does not matter whether you are a Republican or a Democrat.  It does not matter if you love the warfare state or the welfare state.  It does not matter if you consider yourself to be a conservative or a liberal.  All career politicians have sold out to the utilitarian principle that getting elected is the single most important thing in life and the best way to get elected is to promise the electorate all sorts of goodies.  Because the electorate never bothers to ask who is paying for the goodies, the system works perfectly.  Welcome to the Socialist Democracy of Amerika, a land built upon envy where everyone has his hand in his neighbor's pockets.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Society Makes People Commit Suicide

I was reading an article in the Denver Post yesterday that taught me something I did not know.  According to the article there is a personal entity called "society" that has the ability to cause some people to kill themselves.  That came as a complete shock to me as I have always thought that suicide was something a person did to himself, not something that was done to him.  It came as an additional shock to realize that this person called "society" has apparently been killing a lot of people.  I wonder why I have never heard about this murderer previously?  I have never heard of "society" being put on trial for murder and I don't know of anyone by that name currently doing hard time in any Socialist Democracy of Amerika prison.  Just what is going on here?
The article told me the story of a transgendered teenager from Ohio.  Allow me to state up front that I do not necessarily harbor the same ill will towards those who profess to be transgendered as I do toward those who practice heterophobia.  It is true that there is a class of immoral people the Bible describes as those who are of one sex and yet dress and act like a member of the other sex.  Those types of transgendered people are reprehensible perverts who are  doomed to hell if they do not repent.  But I can conceive of the possibility of a person who is transgendered for reasons other than perversion.  According to Wikipedia about .1% of all babies born come into this world with a condition whereby they are genetically of one sex but physically of another.  In addition, hormonal abnormalities can also create situations where the child can accurately be described as perceiving itself as being of one sex while having physical characteristics of the other.  These conditions can quite properly be called birth defects and, in some cases, they can be repaired surgically.  All of this is simply to say that I believe it is possible for a person to be transgendered and not be in sin for that condition.
Life for a non-sinful transgendered person would be very difficult.  Image the problem, for instance, of a person with a man's brain and a woman's body.  He (I will address this person by the gender of the brain) would naturally find himself sexually attracted to women, despite the fact he appears to be a woman physically.  That creates the irreconcilable situation in which he would be guilty of homosexuality if he pursued a sexual relationship with another woman and he would also be guilty of homosexuality if he pursued a sexual relationship with another man.  Either way the transgendered person loses.  In situations such as this one I can conceive of how it would be morally permissible to engage in a sex change operation to remove the sexual dualism.  Of course that raises another problem.  Should the person be surgically changed to the sex of his brain or his body?
It is not my intention to explore the problems associated with the morally transgendered here today.  I simply bring the issue up because the person in the newspaper article left a most interesting suicide note just prior to taking her life.  She said, "The only way I will rest in peace is if one day transgender people aren't treated the way I was, they're treated like humans, with valid feelings and human rights...My death needs to mean something...My death needs to be counted in the number of transgender people who commit suicide this year...Fix society, Please!"  I do not know whether this lady was transgendered by perversion or mutation.  Therefore, I can't comment on her status as to whether her behavior was sinful or not.  It also follows that I do not know and cannot comment on her negative personal experiences in any meaningful fashion.  She believed her life was a living hell.  It probably was.  But whether she deserved to live a life that was a living hell entirely depends upon whether she was a sinner or not, and that I do not know.
Of greater interest to me is her assertion that a personal entity named society robbed her of her human rights, while also refusing to validate her feelings, and that state of affairs was the immediate cause of her suicide.  Take out the transgendered portion of her story and her tale is very similar to the millions of people in this sad land who carry around an enormous victim complex.  No matter what happens they are never at fault.  No matter what happens they are always on the receiving end of something bad for which they are not personally responsible.  When bad things happen to them, as they always do, it is society's fault.  Furthermore, society has a personal responsibility to validate the feelings of all of its members.  All of this dramatically illustrates what a strange and morally bankrupt culture we live in today.
Let me introduce you to a little truth....there is no such thing as society.  Society does not exist.  All we are is a collection of individuals which may, from time to time, share a statistically relevant opinion about something.  But there is no homogenous entity that moves, breaths and acts called society.  It therefore follows that there is nothing to fix.  If the lady who killed herself had a problem with someone committing a tort against her she should have pursued her legal rights in a court of law.  That is the proper way for civilized people to settle their differences.  She believes she was treated as something less than human and stripped of her human rights.  Let's consider that assertion.
What does it mean to treat someone as less than human?  Am I required to greet every person I see on the street  in order to avoid being guilty of treating someone as less than human?  Am I expected to inquire into the feelings of every person I meet on the street, and then "validate" those feelings (whatever that sounds like something usually done to a parking ticket) in order to keep from sinning against them?  But maybe the lady simply meant that people were mean or rude to her.  I have three words of advice for those who believe people are behaving rudely towards them....get over it!  Nobody owes you anything but to leave you alone.  If people do not leave you alone you must determine if they have sinned against you in what they have done and, if they have sinned against you, you are responsible for prosecuting that sin.  Quit your whining and act like an adult.  Quit demanding that everyone in the universe bend to your will.  Quit expecting that all people you meet have a moral responsibility to talk to you about you.  They don't. 
People like this lady commit suicide because they want to, not because some impersonal entity called society forced them to do so.  It is a sin to commit suicide.  It is also an non-sanctionable sin because the end result of the act puts the sinner into a position where he can no longer be contacted by the human authorities.  So if people want to kill themselves, let them do it.  I believe the statistics reveal that most so called suicide attempts are nothing more than selfish attempts to get people around them to look at, think about and talk about the person making the fake attempt.  That behavior should not be rewarded.  When this lady killed herself and then accused society of failing her because I did not personally validate her feelings, she was making an immoral accusation that she will be personally accountable for in God's tribunal.  Neither I, nor any other member of society, was responsible for her death.  If she really wanted to make a powerful statement about the pitiful plight of the morally transgendered she should have stayed alive and fought the good fight.  There was no dignity, nor was there any honor, in her death.
Of course I think we all understand what the lady meant by "society."  She means the same thing every other state-loving citizen in the SDA means by the term.  She meant government, especially the federal government.  Whenever anybody speaks about human rights these days they are referring to them in the context of the federal government.  Why?  Because the federal government is considered by all who worship the state to be the source of all human rights.  There are only three human rights and they are granted to us by God, not government.  Special interest groups, like the transgendered, want additional rights granted to them by government and paid for by their fellow citizens.  In that sense the transgendered are just like everyone else.  They all want government to rob their neighbors and give the largesse to their little group.
There is a group that I am aware of today that is treated rudely every time one of them is seen in public.  Indeed, the government has created special rules for the members of this group that force them to gather in particular areas, away from the good members of society.  The members of this group can universally attest that their feelings have never been validated by any other group or government entity.  Just the opposite, these people are called stupid, dumb and immoral just for being who they are. They are smokers and, the last time I checked, they are not committing suicide in droves.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My New Year's Resolutions For You

The Welsh are, by nature, an uncontrolling people.  By that I mean we almost never make any attempt to control the behavior of those who are around us.  There are many reasons for this.  We tend to be small, weak and frail when it comes to physical stature and attempting to control the behavior of others, especially the Irish, can often end up in fistfights.  We always lose fistfights so we endeavor to avoid them at all costs.  We are also a sensible people.  We know enough to know that it is truly impossible to control the behavior of other people, so why try?  We believe that all efforts at control should be self directed.  As a result we make our best attempt at control by seeking high levels of self-control.  Whether we are successful at that endeavor is for others to judge.   The mere fact that I am known as the Mad Welshman and the fact that I confess to being in a rage most of the time should tell you much about my success in the matter of self-control.
Today I am going to depart from Welsh tradition and engage in a feeble and pathetic attempt to control the behavior of others.  I realize that this blog has very little impact in the grand scheme of things.  I also realize that what I am about to do is utterly futile.  Nobody will change a single behavior as a result of what I write here today.  Still it makes me feel good to do it and today my motto (taken from Napoleon Dynamite) is to "do it if it feels good."  Writing a series of New Year's resolutions that I would love to see every person reading this blog follow makes me feel good so here goes.  Without further ado, here are my resolutions for the readers of this blog:
  1. Resolve to never participate in the political processes of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika again.  This includes voting, campaigning for your favorite candidate, putting signs in your front yard and running for office yourself.  All of the levels of government in this sad land are evil and destructive to your life and property.  All levels of government exist for the expressed purpose of curtailing your freedom and enslaving you.  Make a clean break and never go near government in any form again.
  2. If you have children and your children are enrolled in government schools, take them out immediately.  It does not matter if you home-school or enroll them in a private school of your choice, but you must get them out of the government indoctrination factories.  Government schools exist to create willing subjects for career politicians to command.  Government schools are enormous propaganda machines designed to indoctrinate and brain-wash your children into becoming worshipers of government.  Don't let that happen.
  3. Anytime a career politician promises to do something for you you must first ask this question, "How is this going to be paid for?"  Once you have asked that all important question you must ask one of two follow up questions.  Those questions are, "Why should I be forced to pay for something I do not want?" and "Why should my neighbor be forced to pay for something I do want?"  Once you have answered those questions I believe you will know which path to follow.
  4. Resolve to make yourself more aware of the crushing burden of government regulations in your life.  The citizens in this sad land have become so accustomed to the onerous weight of immoral regulations they have become the proverbial frog in a hot pot of water.  Never allow yourself to say that regulations are good because they might save someone's life.  Just today I read that the federal government is considering enacting a ban on inexpensive Christmas light strands.  Do you know why?  Because somewhere, sometime, somebody plugged too many of them into a single outlet and a fire was the result.  Now we all must pay for the foolish decision of one person.  The proposed Christmas light ban should throw you into an uncontrollable rage.  If it does not, work on it.  Build the rage, it will be good for you.
  5. To avoid a potential visit from the FBI, the CIA and Homeland Security for the last sentence I penned, I also hasten to point out that your goal in life should be to suffer in silence.  Government is here to judge us for our sin of worshiping government.  The more we worship government the more government we get.  The more government we get the worse our lives become and the more our freedom is destroyed.  That is the price we must pay for sinful idolatry.  Do not take up arms against our oppressors.  Do not rebel against authority.  When it comes to dealing with the government and its many evil agents you must keep your head down, your mouth shut and suffer in silence.
  6. Strive to overcome the deadly effects of envy.  Envy will destroy your life.  Envy is the basis for practically every political decision made in the SDA.  Envy will cause you to spend your entire life trying to control the behavior of others to the complete neglect of your own.  Avoid envy at all costs.
  7. Realize that all men are sinful and prone to sinful behavior.  Both politicians and the people who vote for them are sinful.  Both cops and the people they shoot are sinful.  Both you and I are sinful.  Given the reality of sin in this world you must adjust your expectations for your fellow human beings.  In particular I would encourage you to expect nothing.  Remember this axiom, "Everyone always and only thinks and talks about themselves" and you will go far in life.  Your goal should be to get to the metaphysical point where you are surprised by kindness rather than shocked by cruelty.
  8. Study the law of the land with the goal being to see that the law of the land and moral behavior are not the same thing.  Conservatives love to talk about the "rule of law" as if the law itself is moral.  Recognizing that the law is often the exact opposite of morality will help you to see that the rule of law is more often nothing but vindictive and petty tyranny.  When the law of the SDA intersects with true morality it is a mere accident.  If you seek true moral law, study the law of God found in the Bible.
  9. Your body matters.  The mind/body interaction is important.  If you want your mind to operate at high capacity your body must do so as well.  Your body, just like your mind, needs daily exercise.  Make sure that you get it.
  10. Your soul matters as well.  If you have not repented of your sins and trusted in Jesus Christ as your Savior you desperately need to do so today.  Make this the year you join the heavenly throngs in worshipping the God of the universe forever.
  11. Put down your PED (Personal Electronic Device).  PEDs are death.  They destroy relationships.  They destroy inter-personal communication.  They render their users incapable of seeing anything around them.   They turn you into a mindless automaton.  Keep your PED turned off unless you need to use it for a specific reason and then, after you have finished your work, turn it off again.  Come back to the real world.  It is filled with fascinating and beautiful things, things far more amazing than what you see on your PED screen.  Put down your PED and live.
  12. Above all else, never try to control the behavior of others.  It is a complete waste of your time.
Happy New Year and thanks for reading.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Governor Cuomo Attributed With Omniscience

I read a very interesting letter to the editor of the Denver Post last week.  The author was a fellow named Jerry Katz, of Englewood, Colorado.  Jerry is, I believe, a perfect example of the the mentality of those who oppose hydraulic fracking.  His opposition is not based upon any material evidence that fracking is harmful to anyone or anything.  It can't be because there is no material evidence that fracking is harmful to anything or anyone.  Confronted by this harsh reality Jerry does what all wild-eyed environmentalists do.  He consults with his god.  His god is government and its pantheon of career politicians and regulators.
As many of you are probably aware, New York state has enacted a ban on fracking throughout the entire state.  Kate Sinding, director of the Community Fracking Defense Project, stated that, “Governor Cuomo has kept his promise to let only sound science — not pressure from powerful oil and gas companies — be his guide on fracking.”   Strangely however, Governor Cuomo said this about his scientific understanding of the alleged dangers of fracking, "“I’m not a scientist, let the scientists decide. It’s very complicated, very controversial, academic studies come out all different ways. Let the experts decide.”  Despite the fact that Cuomo acknowledged that "studies come out all different ways," he took the forceful step of banning all fracking.  So much for integrity of character and dedication to the scientific facts. I guess you can do anything you want when you are omniscient. 
What have the experts decided about the potential dangers of fracking?  That depends entirely upon who is paying them.  Not surprisingly, those who are being paid by various environmental organizations that want to ban all fracking have concluded that the process is extremely dangerous and responsible for dozens of negative impacts around the country.  People are getting sick, hair is falling out, cattle are falling over dead and little children are getting cancer all because a well site is located within a hundred miles of someone.  Fracking proponents argue that fracking has been going on for decades and, to date, not one single bit of hard evidence has been produced to show that the process creates a risk to man or beast.  But the debate over the potential risks of fracking is not the point of this blog today.  I want to consider the mentality of those who oppose fracking instead.
Jerry begins his letter to the editor by recounting that, "Your editorial criticizes New York state for banning fracking because of health risks."  So far, so good.  He goes on to betray his basic presuppositional bias in the final sentence of his letter.  He writes, "There is no science to suggest that any state can allow fracking without long-term health risks."  Did you get that?  Do you see how Jerry has framed the terms of the argument?  Read his last sentence again if you need to.  Got it?
The scientific basis for Jerry's argument in opposition to fracking and in favor of Cuomo's ban on all fracking in New York is the ridiculous belief that any profit seeking business that wishes to engage in any dominion activity must first prove that actually engaging in that dominion activity will never have any negative outcomes prior to being permitted to act.  Jerry does not cite any scientific evidence in support of the position that fracking is doing real harm to humans and their property.  On the contrary, the lack of scientific evidence in support of his position becomes his strongest argument against fracking.  He believes that any company that wishes to engage in fracking must first prove, in advance, that fracking will have no negative consequences upon humans or their property.  That, of course, is impossible.  Since it is impossible for a profit seeking oil company to guarantee that nothing bad will ever happen as a result of fracking, Jerry believes that all fracking should be banned forever.
Applying Jerry's argument to other historical situations yields some humorous results.   According to the Jerry Principle, Hoover Dam should never have been built.  People died while constructing the dam.  People dying is a negative outcome.  Allowing the construction of the dam certainly did not consider the "long-term health risks" of the people who lost their lives in the process.  It should never have been allowed to proceed.  Neither should the trans-continental railroad.  People died on that project.  Neither should the mission to the moon have been allowed.  People died in that project.  Neither should the space shuttle have been permitted to go forward.  People died in that project.  Neither should the interstate highway system have been constructed.  People died, and continue to die, as a direct result of the interstate highway system.  Indeed,  I am hard pressed to come up with any example of a dominion activity (both those engaged in by the free market and the government) that has not resulted in someone getting killed.  Under the Jerry Principle government should have acted to suppress all of those activities on the grounds that it was impossible to guarantee that someone would not be hurt in the future.
Jerry's argument is typical of all believers in environmentalism.  They consistently flee to the argument that nothing should be allowed to take place unless those who are involved in the process can first prove to government that there will be zero negative consequences.  Since proving zero negative consequences in future outcomes is impossible, the environmentalists always win the argument.  When government steps in and enacts a ban upon things like fracking it is making a strong assertion as well.  When Cuomo banned all fracking in New York, despite the fact that he admitted he had no scientific evidence for doing so, he did so because he is a strong believer in the omniscient power of government.  He and his followers believe they have actually saved lives as a result of his ban.  They believe they know for certain that the negative outcomes that would have occurred under fracking will now not occur and lives have been saved.  Praise be to government and the career politicians who have once again saved us from evil, profit seeking businessmen.
Will fracking have negative outcomes in the future?  Of course it will.  All dominion activity has some degree of negative outcomes.  When I build a house I must first cut down a tree. That is a negative outcome for the tree but I am happy to accept that negative outcome in light of the benefits of the positive outcome of a new home.  When I buy a car I must first mine iron ore from a pit mine in Arizona.  That is a negative outcome for those who live next to the open pit mine (assuming they do not find the pit aesthetically pleasing, as I do) because they might have to experience some slight increase in particulates in the air and higher levels of noise pollution.  But those negative outcomes are far outweighed by the fact that I get a new car and hundreds of people have gainful employment in a career they enjoy.  Everything in life is a trade-off. Everything that is undertaken involves taking natural resources and doing something with them.  By definition that produces pollution.  The decision as to whether the negatives outweigh the positives is a decision best made by the free market, not some bureaucrat allegedly endowed with omniscience.
Perhaps most ironic in this entire situation is the fact that government action always has negative outcomes and yet worshipers of government never call for restrictions or bans upon government activities.  Every law, every bill, every regulation created by government creates winners and losers.  The losers are almost always in the top 49% of the income population who are unable to protect themselves via the vote because they are perpetually in the minority.  I do not know if fracking will someday be shown to be more dangerous than beneficial.  I strongly suspect that it will not but I am willing to wait and see what happens.  I do know that every time a career politician or a career bureaucrat creates a new law or regulation I am going to experience a real loss.  I also know that the alleged gains from the wealth redistribution plan being enacted will always have both long term and short term negative consequences.  All government action is always harmful, no matter how hard the politicians try to make it otherwise.  Cuomo's proclamation has already created hundreds of negative consequences in New York.  Those negative consequences, of course, will not be reported in the media.  The jobs that are lost, the income that is not earned, the development that will not take place, the increase in the standard of living that will not happen will all be ignored.  That is the way it is with government and those who worship it.  This is life in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Oil Companies Are Greedy And Evil

We all know oil companies are greedy and evil.  They seek profits, which automatically makes them evil.  They produce oil and gas, which automatically makes them evil.  Besides the seeking out of immoral profits at the expense of the world's ecosystem, oil companies have only one goal in mind.  That goal is to rape and pillage the environment.  Oil company executives, and the lackeys they employ, take fiendish pleasure out of drilling holes in the ground to extract a product they know in advance will pollute the land, water and air.  Even the process of drilling itself brings them pleasure as they seek to do as much damage to the geology of the earth as possible through their process of fracking.  The more gas they can filter into ground water supplies the happier they are.  My pantheon of evil people and things has to be expanded.  First is Hitler, of course.  Second is anyone who smokes and third is all profit seeking oil and gas companies.
It would be so easy to write garbage like the paragraph above.  I believe this blog would explode in popularity if I put up a daily stream of word vomit like the above paragraph.  All of the misinformed, envy-filled sinful people in this sad land would join in my anti-corporate chorus as we sing happy ditties about the evils of corporations dedicated to the extraction, processing and distribution of products we all happily use hundreds of times every day.  But this is not really the point of my blog today.  Let me get to the point.
In the Socialist Democracy of Amerika it is the case that the majority of the citizens believe that profit seeking businesses, like oil companies, are evil and government, in all of its forms, is good.  Government, by definition and contrary to all empirical and historical evidence, is assumed to be morally pure while business, also contrary to all empirical and historical evidence, is assumed to be immoral.  Whatever a profit seeking company sets out to do is inevitably designed to exploit the consumer, which explains why the citizens of this land clamor for more and more restrictions and government regulations to be enforced upon those corporations.  When corporations actually realize a profit most citizens believe that profit has been gained by cheating, lying and ripping off the consumers who purchased their products.  It is only fair and reasonable, under those circumstances, for the government to tax away all of those ill-gotten gains and distribute them to the poor and needy citizens in this land.
Allow me to introduce you to a bit of reality.  The following quotation and graph was taken from Exxon-Mobile's website.  Read it:

$9.8 billion – This is ExxonMobil’s U.S. tax expense for 2013, a figure exceeding our U.S. earnings of $9.1 billion. That’s approximately $817 million for federal, state, and local governments each month. I’ll break it down further. That’s a U.S. tax expense of nearly $27 million every single day of 2013, and it’s why a recent analysis identified ExxonMobil as the top corporate taxpayer in the United States.  
35 percent – ExxonMobil’s effective U.S. tax rate in 2013. 
5.5 cents – That’s how much ExxonMobil earned in 2013 for every gallon of gasoline and other products we refined, shipped, and sold in the United States. Compare that to 40 to 60 cents per gallon collected by the federal, state, and local governments in gasoline taxes.

Did you get all that?  Exxon made $9.1 billion in earnings in SDA operations last year yet was forced to cough up $9.8 billion in taxes to the SDA Treasury.  Please explain to me how that is fair.  Why should a company be forced to pay more in taxes than it actually earns?  Exxon pays more in taxes to the Treasury of the SDA than any corporate entity in the universe and still the environmentalists, career politicians and general assortment of extremists and wackos continue to hate the company.  How about taking a moment to thank Exxon for its contributions to the Treasury.  The $9.8 billion contributed to the SDA Treasury in 2013 went a long way towards killing terrorists around the world.  You should be thankful for that.  Indeed, if you see an Exxon executive on the street, stop him, shake his hand and thank him for his service to the country.
Even more interesting to me than the gross amount of taxes paid by Exxon is the comparison of its corporate profits to government fuel taxes.  Exxon made 5.5 cents for every gallon of product it shipped in 2013.  At the same time, the federal government made 40 cents for every gallon of product shipped.  The federal government realized a profit on oil company products that was seven times more than the company itself.  Additional layers of government add additional taxes to the shipments.  California added an additional 31 cents per gallon while New York added 28 cents to each gallon of product.  Who is really profiting here?
How can any person in his right mind look at the truth about Exxon's taxation and not come to the conclusion that the biggest beneficiary, by far, of Exxon's operation is the federal government?  For every gallon of gas that is produced Exxon makes 5.5 cents while, at the same time, the federal government makes 40 cents on that exact same gallon.  Unlike Exxon, which absorbs all of the costs of production prior to bringing the gasoline to the market, the federal government levies the tax at the point of sale.  The net result is that all consumers end up paying the tax directly to the government.  It is a huge windfall for the taxing authorities in the government.  Government grows rich at the expense of the taxpayers while the taxpayers grow angry with Exxon for the price of its fuel.  It is the perfect setup.  How many times have you heard anyone complain about the amount they are paying in gasoline taxes?  Right.  Never.  How many times have you heard people complain about high fuel prices?  Right.  Anytime they go up.  And who do they blame? The evil oil companies of course.
I conclude that the biggest beneficiary of the corporate oil industry is the federal government.  If the corporate oil industry is greedy, immoral and evil, it necessarily follows that the federal government is equally greedy, immoral and evil.  Strangely, the citizens of this disgusting land continue to despise the oil companies and worship the government.  Go figure.