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San Juan Mountains
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Friday, December 5, 2014

Operation Choke Point

The peace and calm I experienced for a handful of minutes after I posted soothing photographs to this blog yesterday afternoon was destroyed last night.  I tuned in to watch the John Stossel show on Fox Business News.  John ruined my night.  I got so enraged I could barely sleep.  I quickly wrote down the words "Operation Choke Point" so I could vent some of my pent up rage in today's blog post.  Now don't get me wrong.  I love John Stossel.  Except for his sexual ethics (in favor of prostitution and pornography) he is very biblical in most of the things that he preaches.  And I am not really mad at him.  I am mad at the information he gave me about a little government program called Operation Choke Point.  Let me tell you about it.
Operation Choke Point (go here for more information) is a regulatory program enforced by the federal Department of Justice.  I gag every time I write that name.  There is nothing even remotely associated with justice to be found in the Department of Justice.  The DOJ was founded in 1789 and consisted of one person performing a part-time job.  Since then this disgusting bureau has expanded into a regulatory behemoth with an annual budget of $21 billion.  It is headed by the Attorney General, a fellow you might know by the name of Eric Holder, who is appointed by whichever King is currently in office. Once appointed, the AG is expected to do the behind the scenes dirty work of the King.   The DOJ has eight active divisions supervising, among other things, the FBI, US Marshalls, federal prisons, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and the Drug Enforcement Agency.  In other words, some of the most oppressive rule enforcement organizations in the mafia-like federal pantheon of rule enforcement bureaus are located within the DOJ.
Operation Choke Point was cooked up in the DOJ last year as a way to force politically incorrect businesses out of business.  AG Holder reports to King Obama.  King Obama has many things going on in his kingdom that he does not like and that he does not approve of.  But the King is not yet sufficiently powerful to simply write an Executive Order which would put a business out of business.  So our beneficent King turns to his henchmen at the DOJ and tells them to come up with a plan that will allow him to pressure particular groups that he does not like with the goal being to put them out of business.  Operation Choke Point was the answer to the King's call.
The mechanism used by the DOJ to choke off profit seeking businesses that it does not like is the banking system.  Representatives from the DOJ appear at the front door of banks around the Socialist Democracy of Amerika and demand to see who is doing business with them.  At this point the DOJ is only examining business accounts but personal account examination cannot be too far away.  The DOJ is very precise in regards to which business accounts are under scrutiny.  Only those businesses that displease the King are to be examined.  Once a business that displeases the King has been discovered the bank is told that it needs to cancel all banking services provided to that customer. It is important to note that the DOJ does not order the bank to suspend services to the offensive customer.  It is merely a suggestion.  Of course, if the suggestion is not followed the DOJ representatives make it clear that they cannot be held responsible for what might happen next.  Needless to say, the banks always comply with the suggestion.
Once the decision is made to comply with the DOJ suggestion the business customer is informed that it will no longer be able to obtain any financial services.  Banking operations are suspended.  Accounts are closed.  Credit card operations are terminated.  The targeted businesses are forced to operate exclusively as cash businesses.  Obviously this puts the businesses in great difficulty and many of them quickly end up bankrupt. 
Operation Choke Point is now being investigated by two federal agencies.  That looks a lot like the fox guarding the hen house to me.  Time will tell if the AG will be held liable for his gross violation of the law and the Constitution.  I am not holding my breath on this one however.  Meanwhile, the DOJ secret police continue to oppress law abiding, profit seeking businesses.  In a bizarre twist that could only happen in the SDA, one of the bureaus investigating the DOJ's Operation Choke Point is the DOJ itself!  Talk about a prescription for perpetual bureaucratic growth.  Start an illegal sub-division in a bureau and then waste taxpayer dollars investigating your own sub-division.  Only a federal bureaucrat could appreciate this scheme. 
So, you might be wondering, why am I so upset?  After all, shouldn't the federal government look out for our interests, even if it is illegal to do so, by keeping immoral profit seeking businesses at bay?  Besides the fact that it is none of the business of government to interject itself between two people who want to engage in a transaction for mutual benefit, the government should never be involved in the business world unless summoned by two parties to a contract dispute.  To show you how bad it has become,  let me tell you which businesses are being targeted for elimination.
Ammunition sales companies, firearms sales companies, fireworks sales companies, dating services, payday loans companies, pharmaceutical sales companies, tobacco sales companies and companies involved in the manufacturing and distribution of surveillance equipment are all subject to Operation Choke Point.  This is not an exhaustive list.  Check the link above for the entire list of targeted businesses.  Does anybody beside me see a trend or a pattern in the types of companies the government wants to eliminate?  The government does not want its citizens to be armed and, if firearms are in the hands of the citizenry, it should be next to impossible to obtain ammunition for them.  The government does not want people purchasing federally approved drugs from anyone other than the federally approved government drug cartel, administered by federally licensed drug salesmen.  The government wants to wipe out everything and anything associated with tobacco.  Tobacco users, as we all know, are worse than Hitler.  Despite the fact that the government is using our tax dollars to install surveillance cameras on every street corner in the country, if a citizen attempts to surveil the activities of government he will find himself unable to do so because the companies that provide that equipment are being run out of business. Humm.....I wonder.....does it look like Obama is a bit paranoid about the potential for an uprising of the masses?
None of the businesses that have been bankrupted by the DOJ did anything illegal.  None of the businesses that are currently being forced out of the banking system have broken any law.  The only common thread to be found among the various businesses now being attacked by the DOJ is that they displease the King.  The message is clear.  Obey the King and praise him at all times.  If you don't you will be broken.  As George Orwell said, "If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face---forever."

Thursday, December 4, 2014

And Now For Something Completely Different

Ferguson, Obamacare, the mid-term elections and the sycophantic media have left me jaded beyond belief.  One of the things I do when I find myself on the brink of sanity is go back through the photographs I have taken over the past year.  They generally have a nice calming effect upon my psyche.  I have been given the opportunity to see many beautiful things during my lifetime.  I have also been able to record many of those amazing moments in photographs.  I find that looking through those photos soothes my ravaged soul and kindles memories of kinder and gentler times.  So, without any more ado, I give you some photos from my adventures in 2014:

I spent a week in February in Florida.  The locals said it was cold for February.  It sure felt nice to me.  The only thing I did not enjoy about that week was the day we (references to "we" generally mean my wife) spent at the "Holy Land Experience."  Go here if you want to read that tale.  Here is one of the many amazing things I saw while I was there.  Can you identify the species of bird in the top of the tree? Hint:  it is not a flamingo.

I spent a week in March in Death Valley.  I first visited Death Valley several years ago and came away unimpressed.  Do you know how sometimes something will grow on you with time?  That is what happened to me with Death Valley.  The more I contemplated it the more I liked it.  So we went back in March.  While we were there we climbed a peak named Corkscrew.  It is visible in the shot below as the high point on the horizon in the back right.  We also hiked to the high point of these sand dunes.  Later that day the wind kicked up and we had a wonderful sandstorm that lasted all night long. 

Most folks don't think about it when they visit Death Valley since Death Valley is famous for being the lowest point in the western hemisphere, but Death Valley has a nice alpine peak within the confines of the park.   It is called Telescope Peak and it gets plenty of winter snow.  Here is a shot of it taken as we were hiking to the top.

We took a road trip to Canada over the summer for no other reason than we had never been there before.  That created some problems with Canadians customs officials who could not understand why a couple would drive all the way from Colorado, where marijuana is legal, to Canada, where marijuana is not legal, just to spend one day driving around.  I asked them if they had ever heard of the concept of a "road trip."  I probably should not have asked that question.  An hour later, after watching armed and costumed government agents searching every square inch of our car and luggage, we were allowed to pass.  We were then treated to the "Niagara Falls of Canada."  Or at least that is what the tour guide said.  Never having been to Niagara Falls I can't say for sure but I suspect the Canadian version comes up a little bit short.  Here it is.

No year is complete without at least a couple of days spent in Colorado's high country climbing peaks.  We spent a week in the Lake City area of Colorado this summer and enjoyed several days of high summits.  Fourteener aficionados might recognize this shot of Wetterhorn Peak, taken from the north slopes of Broken Hill.  I climbed Wetterhorn decades ago and did not revisit the summit on this trip; although several in our party did reach the top.  They described it as very windy and cold.  They made a hasty retreat just prior to an onslaught of graupel. 

Four wheel drive enthusiasts might recognize Engineer Pass in this shot.  It was taken from the east, from the western slopes of a nice little peak known as Dolly Varden Mountain.  Initially I thought the mountain was named for a species of trout but upon further investigation I discovered the peak was named after a French word for an item of ladies apparel.  I suspect the pass was named for an engineer however.

No year is complete without a golf junket and our favorite time and place to play golf is Mesquite, Nevada in the summertime.  Temperatures hover in the low 100s and the immaculate desert golf courses are deserted.  We can easily play 36 holes a day and essentially have the courses to ourselves.  Here is a shot of the beautiful Virgin mountains as seen from a hole on the Oasis/Canyons course.  I believe I birdied this hole...

October gave us the opportunity to visit the north rim of the Grand Canyon, or the Big Ditch as regulars call it.  Despite having completed dozens of hikes on the south rim over the decades, we had never spent so much as a minute on the north rim.  That situation was rectified this year.  After spending two days at the north rim I have a word of advice for anyone who might want to venture there.  Don't bother.  I found it far less dramatic than the south rim.  There is a reason why it is less crowded at the north rim.  The views and the hikes are just not all that spectacular.  Here is a shot taken from the north rim lodge looking down the North Kaibab trail and across to the south rim.  Visible in the distant background are the mountains around Flagstaff.

I leave you with one last shot.  I did not take this shot.  Indeed, I was not even present when it was taken.  My wife joined up with a group of adventurers for a trip to Jordan this past year.  While they were there they saw the ancient city of Petra.  Petra, for those of you who are familiar with the nuances of dispensational theology, is where a bunch of Jews will hide out in order to not be killed by the anti-Christ during the Great Tribulation period.  Meanwhile, while we are all waiting around to be raptured, it is possible to visit the city as a tourist.  It was built into a canyon wall and, I am assured, quite spectacular.  Here is one shot.

That pretty much summarizes the various adventures I/we experienced this year.  I hope you enjoyed seeing the pictures.  I know I feel better just putting them up here for you.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Denver Post's War On Biblical Ethics

According to a Gallup poll taken in the summer of 2013, 52% of the citizens of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika believe that heterophobic (homosexual) couples should be granted the legal right to marry.  I trust you know what that means.  If you don't, I will explain it to you.  In a democracy the majority always wins.  Whatever the majority wants the majority gets. Whatever the majority says is morally right automatically becomes morally correct.  So, after thousands of years of human history during which homosexual behavior was considered to be wrong, we have now come to the point where homosexual behavior is no longer immoral.  Up until just a couple of years ago homosexual behavior was immoral.  In fact, many people believed that the God who created the universe also deemed homosexual behavior to be immoral.  Now, because the majority no longer believes it to be so, homosexual behavior is right and proper.
This is not true for all nations however.  Homosexual behavior is still immoral in Russia.  It is also still immoral in many of the Islamic nations of Africa.  What a strange new world we live in.  Citizens and their political leaders in foreign lands that SDA citizens used to consider to be socially, politically and morally backwards are now calling us immoral.  Some of them, like Putin in Russia, are actually citing the Bible in support of their position on homosexual behavior.  Who would have anticipated that a godless communist dictator would one day lecture the citizens of the SDA on biblical morality? 
Despite the fact that heterophobic marriage is now moral, many in this country, including those who support heterophobic marriage, continue to dispense enormous amounts of propaganda in support of sodomy.  Is it possible that they are extremely aware that the winds of public opinion can change rapidly and what was immoral yesterday and is moral today could end up being immoral once again tomorrow?  If some Hollywood celebrity comes out as a spouse-beating heterophobe it is possible people could turn on the homosexuals as quickly as they turned on Ray Rice.  In order to continually fan the flames of pro-homosexual opinion there are many groups in this immoral country who are spewing out a never ending stream of pro-heterophobe propaganda.  The Denver Post is at the forefront of this movement.
The goal of the Denver Post is to desensitize its readers to the serious moral infraction that is homosexual behavior.  God only has a handful of behaviors for which He commands the death penalty.  Engaging in homosexual behavior is one of them.  If we take God's prioritized list of sinful behaviors as our standard we must necessarily conclude that engaging in homosexual behavior is one of the worst things a person could ever do.  Of course nobody takes God's opinion on anything these days.  I warn you, ignore God's opinion to your peril.
In order  to desensitize people to the heinous immorality of homosexual behavior the Post engages in the practice of regularly disseminating stories that appear to normalize sodomy.  The Post joyfully reported when the Pope issued his statement about how the Catholic church was going to seek to be more inclusive of heterophobes.  It ran large headline articles for several days reporting the story.  If the Pope thinks heterophobes are okay, who are we to disagree with him?
A week or two later the newspaper ran a human interest story on adoption in Denver.  It made the headline of the second page of the first section of the paper.  What would you expect to see in a story on adoption?  I expected to see many happy couples with their newly adopted children around them.  What did I see?  I saw a photograph of two homosexual men holding their newly adopted "daughter."  The clear meaning of the story and the photograph is that homosexual couples are just like heterosexual couples in that they adopt children just like regular couples do.  I was disgusted.
A week or so later there was another story that headlined the second page of the first section of the paper.  The story was entitled "Asylum For Happiness" and it was about Russian immigrants.  Would you expect a story about Russian immigrants to tell the tale of how some citizens in Russia wanted to pursue the Amerika dream and have now moved to the SDA to do so?  After all, SDA citizenship is all about the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness, isn't it?  You would have been sorely disappointed.  Featured with the story was a large photograph of two homosexual men in a romantic embrace.  The story went on to tell the tale of these two men.  It described how they managed to escape the anti-homosexual laws of that Bible quoting dictator named Putin.  They had to sacrifice their professional lives in Russia, I was told, but they gladly did so to obtain the happiness of a state sanctioned homosexual union in the SDA.    
I sat down to breakfast this morning and turned to the sports page.  I have been assaulted in the sports pages of late as athlete after athlete has "come out" and acknowledged they are God-hating homosexuals.  They are always praised for their bravery and I, as a reader, am expected to validate their behavior.  There, on the second page of the sports section, was a large photograph of two men embracing each other.  The top of the photograph said "Life Partnership."  The caption of the picture informed me that "Dale Scott added his name Tuesday to a growing list of gay and lesbian sports figures taking similar public steps."  Dale Scott is a MLB umpire.  I sat there fuming.  Why is this news?  Why is the private sex life of any citizen of the SDA ever a news item?  Why should anyone care about this story? 
Now I have a question for all of those who support the grossly immoral behavior of homosexuality.  If the majority of the citizens in this immoral land now support homosexual behavior, and if homosexual behavior really is moral, and if anti-homosexual proclamations really are immoral, and if there are many more homosexual couples in this country than I have ever imagined, and if homosexual couples are really just like everyone else, then why do they need all this special attention?  I can't recall a single photograph of a MLB umpire and his wife in which it was declared that they love each other and are happy to make that public assertion.  In fact, if I think back just a couple of years to when homosexuality was still immoral and heterosexuality was the proper way to be, I can't recall any public support being given to heterosexual couples at all.  Indeed, heterosexual couples were completely ignored.  So why is it that now, when homosexuality has been enshrined as a highly moral and glamourous lifestyle, those who engage in homosexual behavior are desperate for public affirmation?  Are they really so insecure they need everyone around them telling them they are okay?
I have an answer to the question that I just asked but most people are not going to like it.  Homosexuals do not constantly seek public affirmation because they are afraid that public opinion might change and they will suddenly find themselves in the immoral minority.  They seek public affirmation for one reason and one reason alone.  All homosexuals know that homosexual behavior is immoral and an affront to God and they seek the approving support of the public to assuage their guilty consciences.  Furthermore, they all know that what I just wrote is true, but they actively suppress that knowledge in order to continue to behave the way they want to.  That is called sin and God does not have a very high opinion of it.  I would suggest that God also does not have a very high opinion of the Denver Post.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Froma Harrop Says Obamacare Is A Gift

Froma Harrop is an air headed member of Creators Syndicate who writes an occasional column for the Denver Post.  I have commented on her total economic cluelessness in previous posts here and here.   Today she out does herself by combining a complete lack of economic understanding with the twin sinful emotions of envy and greed.  The title of her column today is "The Affordable Care Act and the Middle Class."  Let's consider what Froma has to say.
Froma begins her diatribe in favor of Obamacare (is she the only person who still uses the official government phrase for Obamacare?) by declaring, "Few truly appreciate the enormous economic benefits the Affordable Care Act will deliver to the American people over time, the middle class included."  Well, I am a member of the middle class and, just like Froma says, I don't appreciate what Obamacare has brought to me.  My monthly premium for health insurance increased by 50% under the Obamacare rules, although I have to admit I am profoundly thankful for the fact that I am now covered when I contract mental illnesses and get pregnant.  As I wrote in a recent blog post, I am riddled with mental illnesses.  Whether I am at risk for getting pregnant remains to be seen.  Nevertheless, I can sleep well at night knowing that my extra premium dollars are being used to subsidize welfare mothers all over the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.
Froma is disturbed that opponents of Obamacare are properly referring to the government program as a "plan to redistribute income."  She does not think that term should be used because it is pejorative in nature and masks the alleged enormous benefits being conferred upon us by Obamacare.  To illustrate her point she writes, "Anytime you help people obtain benefits they couldn't afford before, money is going to move.  There is redistribution all around us, in Social Security, in Medicare, in farm subsidies, in the tax code."  First of all, who is the "you" Froma writes about in this sentence?  I certainly did not help anyone "obtain benefits."  The "you" refers to career politicians and the bureaucrats who enforce their decrees.  Froma rejoices that career politicians are able to help SDA citizens "obtain benefits they could not afford."  This raises some interesting questions.  What is the definition of a "benefit?"  Why is money taken from me and given to another considered to be a benefit to that person rather than what it truly is...the receipt of stolen goods?  How does she know these SDA citizens could not afford health insurance?  Maybe they just didn't want to buy any.  Maybe they spent all of their money on fun and games and had nothing left for health insurance because of their own wild personal irresponsibility.  Froma does not care about the reasons why people do not have health insurance.  She is more than happy to subsidize personal financial irresponsibility with government mandated wealth transfers from those who are responsible to those who are not.  Wonderful.
Froma's main argument seems to be that since we live in a country that already has massive wealth transfer programs what difference could it possibly make if another is added to the list.  In other words, robbing our neighbor is a time honored tradition in the SDA.  Another program to rob our neighbor certainly can't be harmful. I wonder if she would think the same way about her health?  You already have a cold, how much more could it hurt to catch the flu?  Or, you already have a benign tumor, how much more could it hurt to get cancer?   The same is true for taxes.  You are already having 25% of your income taken to pay your federal taxes this year, how much more could it hurt to take 30%?  Where will it all end?  There is no end in sight, as long as the rich still have money and Froma is at the helm. 
Froma correctly points out (the only thing that is correct in her column) that King George was responsible for the massively expensive and expansive Medicare drug benefit program.  She concludes that both Republicans and Democrats agree in principle that it makes sense to pass laws to redistribute wealth when one can buy votes by doing so.  Well done, Froma, you have just recognized the fundamental operating principle of politics in the SDA.  Sadly, however, Froma does not recognize that wealth redistribution is just a fancy term for theft motivated by envy and enforced by civil government.  She also does not recognize that theft and envy are less than noble endeavors. 
Froma fesses up when she writes that, "There is indeed some redistribution in Obamacare.  When you include the value of health coverage, the reforms boost income in the bottom fifth of earners by at least 6 percent."  So there you have it.  Froma admits that Obamacare successfully transfers enough wealth to the bottom 20% of the income population to increase every member of that quintile's income by a whopping 6%.  And that does not disturb her.   Do you know why she is so content?  She writes, "Whose income is being sent to the less wealthy?  Those in the top three-quarters, though their income loss is proportionally quite small."  So there you have it.  Froma Harrop's ethics declare that stealing from one person to give to another person is morally proper provided the amount stolen is taken from a person earning more and makes up a smaller percentage of his total income when compared to the person receiving the booty. 
God has an opinion about stealing from people.  God says, "You shall do no injustice in judgment; you shall not be partial to the poor nor defer to the great, but you are to judge your neighbor fairly."  Did you get that?  God orders His representatives in civil government to refuse to be partial to the poor just because they are poor.  In other words, God says wealth redistribution schemes are immoral.  Froma disagrees. Who do you think is right?  Who do you think will get the last word on this issue?
So what is the huge benefit to the middle class of this massive wealth redistribution program that Froma touts?  She writes, "The rich can pay for their own health care, and the destitute get it free.  The assurance that a medical crisis won't sink a family is a gift to the middle class."  So there it is.  Froma believes that Obamacare is a gift to me because it assures me that a medical crisis won't "sink" my family, whatever that means.  Given the fact that my previous health insurance did a very good job of assuring me that a medical crisis would be paid for, I have a hard time being thankful for this generous gift that, strangely, ends up being paid for by me.   I think I would rather not be the recipient of gifts like that.  Thank you Froma, but no thanks.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Cops Use Deadly Force First

Last Friday I gave my opinion on the Ferguson affair.  I do not know enough to render a judicial decision about the moral culpability of either party in the conflict.  In fact, the entire affair is none of my business and I really do not care one way or the other which side was in the right and which side was in the wrong.  What I did care about was the fact that when cops gun down black people it makes the national news and there are riots around the country.  On the other hand, when cops gun down white people the story is generally ignored.  I concluded from that fact that there is racism in the Socialist Democracy but it is not coming from the quarter everyone believes it is.  There is a clear racial bias against whites in this immoral land.
Today I need to expand upon the topic of police brutality.  To be precise, I believe it is the case today that cops have adopted a standard operating procedure that differs greatly from the standard operating procedures of cops in previous generations.  In the old days, or even in the not-so-old days, cops were trained to be experts at diffusing tense situations.  They were schooled in verbal skills that would allow them to take a potentially lethal situation and turn it into an innocuous one.  A good outcome was considered to have taken place when both the cop and the person he was confronting came out of the situation with no harm done. My how things have changed.
The SDA's immoral war on drugs has dramatically escalated the degree of violence involved in police work.  The best way to solve the problem of increased violence is to declare the immoral war on drugs to be a failure and decriminalize all drugs.  That, of course, will never happen. Too many career politicians and bureaucrats have a vested interest in maintaining the present system, no matter how many innocent people might be killed.  The simple fact that the government, and its representatives, have no constitutional authority to invade our freedom and make laws about the legality of chemical substances is impossible for them to understand; proving once again that it is impossible to convince someone to change his mind on an issue, even if the conclusion of that argument is logically necessary, if it will cost him some cash. 
What follows is taken from an article by Daniel Bier published in the October, 2014 issue of The Freeman.  The Freeman is a publication of the Foundation for Economic Education and is well worth reading.  I would strongly recommend you check out their website and subscribe to this publication.  It is a gold mine of free market ideas.  This particular article was entitled "How Dangerous Is It To Be A Cop?" and it quantified the actual degree of mortal danger involved in police work in the SDA.  Here are some of the stark realities described by Mr. Bier:
"But has policing really become so dangerous that we need to arm peace officers like an invading army?  The answer is no. It has never been safer to be a cop....In absolute terms, officer fatalities peaked in 1930, during alcohol prohibition, at 297, spiking again in the 1970s before steadily declining since....If you look at police fatalities adjusted for the U.S. population, the decline is even starker.  2013 was the safest year for American policing since 1875....Policing does not even make it into the top 10 most dangerous American professions.  Logging has a fatality rate 11 times higher....It is twice as dangerous to be a truck driver as it is to be a cop....Another point to bear in mind is that not all officer deaths are homicides.  Out of the 100 deaths in 2013, 31 were shot, 11 were struck by a vehicle and 2 were stabbed....Other causes of death were automobile accident (28), motorcycle accident (4), job related illnesses (11) and falling (6)....Based on averages over the last decade, the murder rate for police officers is around 4.0 per 100,000.  The average for all U.S. cities is 5.6."
Did you get all that?  The most dangerous time to be a cop was during prohibition.  Imagine that.  Cops were being killed at the highest rate in our country's history precisely at the time they were engaging in a war on alcohol. Sound familiar?  Isn't it strange that despite the fact that the shooting of a cop always makes national headlines and despite the fact that we are all incessantly informed by the media that cops are dropping likes flies all around us, the simple fact that police work is safer than it has ever been is never reported?  What therefore necessarily follows is that there is a need for a change in standard operating procedure whenever a cop faces down a citizen.  All of the talk about the need for increased police security and protection is inaccurate and not based upon the truth.  Describing cops as heroic because they pursue careers in which they put their lives on the line every single day is simply not true.  Praising cops as paragons of virtue and as moral beacons for our society is a ridiculous and absurd case of false praise.  If cops are to be praised for their heroism then loggers and truck drivers are to be praised even more.  Do you think that is ever going to happen?  Of course not.  Loggers and truck drivers do not work for the government so their lives are meaningless.
Given the reality that police work is not really that dangerous it is now incumbent upon police forces to change their standard operating procedures back to the way they used to be.  The principle of officer safety at all costs needs to be abandoned.  The principle of using deadly force first, and then seeking to assess the situation needs to stop. Simply observing the 12 year old white boy playing in the Cleveland park would have indicated to the two cops that the boy was playing with a pellet gun that shoots plastic pellets.  There was no need to feel threatened.  There was no need to order the little boy to show his hands.  And there was most certainly no need for the two officers to gun him down in cold blood a mere two seconds after arriving upon the scene. 
I am forced to the conclusion that cops are some of the most cowardly citizens in the SDA.  Their propensity to use state sanctioned violence at the slightest provocation proves my point.  Their belief that their own security is paramount proves my point.  Their repeated pattern of behavior in which innocent citizens are shot to their deaths simply because they do not immediately obey a strange sounding order from a person they were not expecting to encounter proves that they shoot first and ask questions later.  The cops are indeed here to serve and protect.  They serve themselves and they protect themselves.  Heaven help the rest of us.