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San Juan Mountains
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Friday, November 14, 2014

Gym Rats And Spaghetti Straps

I was at the gym the other day when I noticed something that I have seen many times before but had never taken the time to ponder.  Perhaps it was because I was really tired and having a very poor workout that my mind began to wander.  Instead of being my usual razor sharp person who is intently focused upon keeping his Mets above 10 and his Watts above 200, I allowed myself to look around the gym just to see what was going on.  What I saw didn't surprise me, for the most part, until one guy walked in front of me.
My gym is set up such that those of us who are doing cardio are forced to look into the part of the room where the resistance people are working out.  The resistance people are the weight lifters.  They do everything they can to get the people in the cardio part of the room to look at them and admire their powerful physiques.  It is quite common for the people lifting weights to drop the weights with a tremendous crashing sound.  They then look around to see who is looking at them. Their intention is obvious.  They want everyone in the room to realize just what huge weights they had been lifting.  It rarely works because their fellow weight lifters are doing the same thing and have no intention of thinking about anyone but themselves. Meanwhile all of the Yuppies in the cardio area are plugged into their I-devices and listening to whatever it is Yuppies listen to these days. Nobody notices and nobody cares.
Other times the weight lifters will emit loud grunts as they lift their huge stacks of weights.  That behavior is also designed to draw attention to themselves but, just like dropping weights, fails miserably because everyone in the room is withdrawn into his own little world and not about to come out.  So what is a buff lifter of weights to do to get the attention he believes he deserves and so desperately desires?  The answer will not surprise you.  He dresses up like a peacock.
Over the past year or so I have noticed a new style of attire showing up in the gym.  Clothing that was previously only suitable for those guys who work along the side of the highway or those guys who work on the tarmac at the airport at night has begun to appear in the gym.  Bold, fluorescent greens, oranges and yellows are quickly becoming the norm.  It started on the shoes and has been slowly creeping to the jackets as well as the shorts and shirts.  In addition to being worn by people who work for the government in jobs that require high visibility I remember also seeing this type of flash being displayed on shoes worn by little kids.  They would run about with their shoes flashing, beeping and reflecting all sorts of crazy colors.  Well, that fashion has grown up and it now adorns the Yuppie gym member.
Fluorescent colors, however, is not the subject of today's post.  As ridiculous as that attire appears, it is not the most ridiculous thing I have seen recently.  I was nearing the end of my work out on the stationary bicycle when a particularly buff fellow strode in front of me.  He had enormous pectorals.  His deltoids made the Incredible Hulk look juvenile.  His lats were so big he was unable to allow his arms to relax and fall by his side.  You know the look, people like this walk around with their arms sticking out several degrees because they can't hang straight down due to the huge amount of lateral muscle mass suspended along their rib cages.  His quads were rippling as he walked by.  His calf muscles dropped off with a radical shelf-like appearance as they connected to his Achilles tendon.  And what was this superb specimen of pure masculinity wearing?  Spaghetti straps!
I didn't know what spaghetti straps were until I was well into adulthood.  Well, that is not entirely true.  I had some idea of what a spaghetti strap was but, as it turned out, I was wrong.  As a young Welshman my dad used to threaten to discipline me by tying me into a chair with a series of spaghetti straps.  Occasionally, when I had done something really bad, he would threaten to beat me with a wet spaghetti strap.  Wet spaghetti straps, when used properly, will raise a welt and put one in immediate danger of the corporal punishment police so they must be used with extreme care.  That is probably why I was never beaten with a strap of wet spaghetti.
It was not until some time later, when I met my first devil in a red dress, that I realized what a spaghetti strap really is.  For you Welshmen out there who happen to be reading this and who, just like I used to be, have no idea what a spaghetti strap is, I will enlighten you.  A spaghetti strap is the thin strip of cloth material used to hold up a dress being worn by a woman who desperately wants to draw attention to herself.  The idea is usually to have as little material as possible covering the upper body as well as to display as much cleavage as possible in order to attract the wandering eyes of male paramours.  Fortunately I had been properly trained by my dad and my reaction to the devil in the red dress wearing the spaghetti straps was to run screaming from the room.
You can imagine my surprise when I saw this model of muscular masculinity strutting about wearing a shirt that consisted of two long spaghetti straps and a tiny piece of cloth material covering his belly button.  The gym has a requirement that everyone wear a shirt while working out.  I felt the need to contact the shirt police and have this fellow's shirt measured because I am quite sure it did not have enough square inches of material to be classified as a real shirt.  I restrained myself and gazed upon him in abject wonder.
He walked slowly around the room, giving everyone time to gaze up his magnificent form.  As is the style of the day, he was void of body hair.  To learn more about the absurd and immoral war on hair, go here.  I could just imagine how many No-No devices he had gone through preparing himself for his hairless entrance into the weight room.  And as he walked about I could just hear the chatter that had to have been going on in his own puny little brain.  He thought everyone was looking at him, although I think I was the only one who was.  He thought the women adored him and the men envied him, although I found the entire thing a bit repulsive.  Most importantly, he thought that his spaghetti strap shirt was the most fashionable garment ever worn.  I suppressed a laugh and went home.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

An Economic Literacy Test

Sometimes I find it enjoyable to take an internet based test.  You know the sort I am talking about.  There are tests to see what my IQ is (hint:  it is really low).  There are tests to see what the "age of my brain" is (hint:  it is really high).  There are tests to see what I know about this, that or the other issue.  Most of them are fun to take and they allow me to continually reinforce my inferiority complex.  It is in that spirit that I present a test of my own today.  I call it the Economic Literacy Test.  If you are not interested in tests of this sort, or if you don't care about economics, or if you do not want to see how economically literate you are you should probably stop reading here and go find something else to do with the next couple of minutes.  On the other hand, if I have piqued your curiosity, please proceed.
The following test consists of 10 questions.  Each question is a multiple choice type question.  For each question there are three possible answers.  Please read the question and then select the answer that you believe most closely comes to the truth:

1.  Where does money come from?
A.  The government via the Federal Reserve.
B.  The free market via competition and exchange.
C.  My wife's purse.

2.  Where do jobs come from?
A.  The government and career politicians who enact legislation creating them.
B.  The free market and entrepreneurs who are simply going about their business.
C.  They just magically appear when needed.

3.  What institution is responsible for the creation of all the capital/physical goods you see in the world?
A.  The government and its Bureau of Economic Statistics.
B.  The free market and profit seeking businesses within it.
C.  All capital is the by-product of the space alien seeding of our planet.

4.  What institution has never used force to coerce somebody into doing something against his conscience?
A.  The government and its legal apparatus.
B.  The free market and its millions of profit seeking businesses.
C.  The Mafia.

5.  What institution spends all of its time thinking about what is best for others?
A.  The government via the Census Bureau.
B.  The free market and its millions of profit seeking businesses.
C. The sun which gives us all free energy.

6.  What institution is responsible for increasing human longevity?
A.  The government by means of  the FDA.
B.  The free market and its profit seeking medical and pharmaceutical companies.
C. High School football.

7.  What institution is responsible for improving human living conditions, health and vitality around the world?
A.  The government through various foreign aid programs.
B.  The free market as goods and services are traded freely without international barriers.
C.  The Jupiter II as it zooms about the universe.

8.  What institution is responsible for creating and sustaining economic growth for all people?
A. The government and the statisticians who calculate Gross Domestic Product.
B.  The free market as it simply goes about its business of giving consumers what they want.
C.  Milky Way, the candy bar, not the galaxy.

9.  What institution is routinely demonized as evil by all career politicians despite the fact it is exclusively responsible for all of the physical goods we possess today?
A.  The government.
B.  The free market.
C.  Wal-Mart

10.  What institution is responsible for the fact that the Socialist Democracy of Amerika has been at war in 216 of the 238 years of its history, thus resulting in hundreds of millions of deaths?
A.  The government.
B.  The free market.
C.  The Welsh cabal.

Here are the correct answers:  Number 1 through 9 is "B".  Number 10 is "A".  "C" answers, although extremely witty, are never correct.  How did you do?  Are you economically literate or are you a worshiper of the government? 
Almost every good physical thing that exists in this universe is a direct result of the activities of people in the free market.  Almost every bad physical thing that exists in this universe is the direct result of the activities of career politicians operating in civil government.  There are good and bad spiritual things that exist in the universe but those things are not of interest to me in this post.  Given the fact that government = bad and free market capitalism = good, why do so many people bow down to the throne of state power?  Are people that economically illiterate?
The answer, of course, is No.  Everyone knows the correct answers to the above questions.  It is just that the vast majority of the citizens of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika make the decision to choose to ignore the truth and follow another path.  What is the path they choose to follow?  That also is simple.  They choose to follow the path of envy.  They take the easy route of giving career politicians their vote in exchange for a promise to steal money from various groups and give it to them.  They justify it as a moral thing to do because those who have more money than they do must be evil simply because they have more money.  They actively suppress the fact that they know they are behaving with sinful envy.  And they are very good at suppressing the fact of their envy.  That is the system we live under.  Wonderful, isn't it?

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Everyone Needs Something To Die For

The front page of today's Denver Post has a headline article entitled, "Jihad net traps teens."  The article goes on to tell me what a horrible state of affairs exists in this country because Muslim extremists are recruiting Amerikan citizens to join the international Jihad against the infidels, including the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  I was told that, "The Westerners include a 33 year old Minnesota man believed to be the first American killed fighting for the Islamic State."  A group, called The Search for International Terrorist Entities Intelligence Group, or SITE for short, is dedicated to preventing what it calls the "radicalization" of SDA citizens in the hope that it will keep SDA citizens from joining the Muslim Jihad.  The article concluded by telling me that, "Federal officials estimate there are roughly 100 Americans fighting for the Islamic State in the Middle East."  All of this got me to wondering.....
SDA citizens who go to the Middle East to join forces with groups that the SDA military is waging war against are guilty of a crime according to SDA law.  King Obama has used a drone to execute an SDA citizen who had traveled to the Middle East even though that man never took up arms against his former country.  All he was guilty of was speech crimes in which he had the audacity to criticize the activities of the SDA military in the Middle East. For that he was summarily executed.  Those who do take up arms are clearly putting themselves into harms way.  As armed combatants of an enemy force they are subject to being killed by SDA forces, just like any other member of the enemy would be.  And I don't have a problem with that.  I do have a problem however.  Let me tell you about it.
Imagine this scenario if you would.....Putin invades the SDA in order to liberate us from King Obama and his tyrannical ways.  In my scenario the Russians would have a military equal in might to our present day military and the SDA would have a military equal in might to modern day Syria or Iraq.  In other words, it would be a very simple matter for the Russian forces to take over and control the SDA.  After invading the SDA Putin installs a puppet ruler and goes home.  Immediately life for some of us is better.  Taxes are lower.  The welfare-state is curtailed.  Homosexuality is suppressed by law.  Others, however, do not like the new rulers and seek to overthrow them.  I ask you, what would you do?
If you decide to take up arms against the Russians you would no doubt consider yourself a patriot.  The Russians, however, would call you an insurgent and a terrorist.  Those who decided to acquiesce to the new regime (or government, depending upon how you want the propaganda to play out) are called traitors by the new found patriots and loyalists by the new found Russian puppet government.   As a patriot/insurgent/terrorist you would scurry about doing everything you could to disrupt the Russian government.  If that meant killing Russian soldiers then so be it.  Your goal would be to drive the Russians into the sea.  Your ultimate objective would be to be free to determine the fate of your own country without the influence of foreign meddlers, regardless of their stated or actual intentions.  I dare say that most Amerikans would choose the route of guerrilla warfare. 
Personally I would acquiesce to the new government.  That is not because I have any fondness for Putin nor is it because I have any hatred for Obama.  My position is derived not from civil law but from biblical law.  Biblical law does not allow for rebellion against the civil authority, whoever it might be.  John Calvin perhaps summarized it best when he argued that civil governments rule over us according to God's eternal plan.  For us to fight against them is to fight against God.  Good governments, of which there are very few, are a blessing whereas evil governments, the great majority, are here to punish and discipline us for our worship of the state.  So I would submit to the Russian government, just like I submitted to the SDA government, because I recognize it is a form of discipline upon me for living in a country in which the citizens worship civil government.  Furthermore, I recognize that the new government is a punishment upon God-haters for their worship of the state.
Now I suspect most people would vehemently disagree with what I have written.  That is not surprising since most people reject the clear teaching of the bible on everything.  Most people are modern day patriots, that is, lovers of civil government.  Not only are they patriots, they are patriotic only about their particular civil government and never about the civil government of another.  This raises an interesting question.  For those who would take up arms against the Russian rulers, how would you respond when a Russian citizen shows up in your camp and informs you that he wants to fight with you against the Russian government?  You would call him a patriot.  The Russian government, on the other hand, would call him a traitor.
I realize I am rambling a bit here but I do have a point.  My point is simple.  Everyone needs something to die for.  It is a basic human trait that we need something bigger than us to live for.  And whatever we are willing to die for is clearly the most significant thing to live for.  Merely living to pay our bills and die with nothing left in our retirement accounts is not sufficient for any of us.  We want our lives to count.  We want our lives to mean something.  In order to find something to live for we go around searching for something that is worth dying for.  Only that which I am willing to die for is truly satisfying.  All other goals and objectives pale in comparison to the supreme goal of having something that I would willingly lay down my life to protect.
Almost every citizen of the SDA can only think of one thing worth dying for.  Can you guess what it is?  Right!  The only thing worth dying for in the SDA is the SDA itself.  This is easy enough to see.  We celebrated Veterans Day yesterday.  We celebrate Memorial Day and the 4th of July.  We are incessantly bombarded with the message that those who have died for the SDA government are the most noble, the most blessed and the most pure citizens of all time.  We are instructed to worship them at all times.  It is not an exaggeration to assert that the supreme purpose of life for most SDA citizens is to protect and defend the government of the SDA.
Although Amerikans are incapable of understanding this, it is the case that the exact same thing is true of those we call our enemies.  They see life the same way we do, only from the flip side.  For the Islamic Jihadists there is nothing more important than defending their country from the foreign invaders.  They proudly die for their government.  And so it is around the world.  Indeed, human history is little more than the tale of endless war and hundreds of millions of deaths as each side fights for its own government.  Those who have the ability to see things from the perspective of the enemy government and switch sides are universally condemned by both sides as traitors and, at the same time, received by both sides as freedom fighters.  It never changes.  It will always be this way.
I would like to suggest that it is never worth dying for civil government.  There is only one thing in the universe that is worth dying for and that is the Church of Jesus Christ.  I know my words will enrage Republican Evangelicals who see God's work being done via the Republican warfare state but they are true nevertheless.  Any Christian who dies in service to the civil government has wasted his death.  It is as simple as that.
C.S. Lewis once posited an interesting scenario.  He imagined that a German Christian and an English Christian met during WWII and immediately shot each other.  They both died and they both immediately met in heaven.  What, he wondered, did they say to each other?  My guess is that once the patriotic propaganda had been stripped away from their minds they would have looked at each other and said, "What a waste of a death." 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

What I Am Doing To Celebrate Veterans Day

Since I was born the Socialist Democracy of Amerika has engaged in twelve wars of imperial aggression and foreign meddling.  Here is the list:
  1. Vietnam (1953-1975):  Ostensibly a war to stop communism from coming to Amerika's shores, Vietnam ended up being Amerika's first stunning military defeat (if you are not from Dixie).  Tens of thousands of Amerikans were killed. Vietnamese losses were far worse.  Today the SDA enjoys friendly trade relations with what, just a generation ago, was a mortal enemy, thus proving that business is mightier than the sword.  With perfect hindsight we can see that the entire war was fought under false pretenses and utterly in vain.  Some people with pretty good foresight saw that while the war was being fought.  They were called traitors, unpatriotic citizens and communists.
  2. Libya I (1981):  King Reagan orders SDA fighter planes to deliberately fly in Libyan airspace to provoke an attack.  When the attack predicatively comes the SDA fighters bravely shoot down a couple of outmatched Libyan fighter planes.  SDA citizens celebrate the victory and convince themselves that Gaddafi is a threat to SDA national security.  We are going to have to keep a close eye on him, we are told.
  3. Granada (1983):  Needing something to keep them busy, the Marines are ordered to attack Granada in order to overthrow a political leader who did not bow down to the SDA.  They were successful in doing so and General Hudson Austin was deposed.  An SDA puppet leader was installed in his place.  All was now right with the world.
  4. Panama (1989-1990):  Needing something to keep them busy, the Marines are ordered to attack Panama in order to overthrow a political leader by the name of Noriega who had been on the CIA payroll just a couple of years earlier.  They are successful and the SDA installs a new puppet ruler in his place.  There are great celebrations in the SDA and SDA puppet rulers learn a stern lesson about getting too big for their britches.
  5. Iraq I (1990-1991):  In order to protect SDA oil interests in the Middle East, King George I orders an attack on Saddam Hussein's army that had invaded Kuwait.  Up until this point Hussein had been financially and politically supported by the SDA.  Hussein was forced out of Kuwait.  Why any of this was in the national security interest of the SDA is unknown and undefined.
  6. Bosnia (1993-1995):  In a vain attempt to transfer attention away from Monica Lewinsky, King Clinton orders attacks on Bosnia.  Why a civil war between Bosnians and Serbians was any business of the SDA was never explained.  Amerikan patriots claimed victory and celebrated the fact that the SDA military was the greatest military power in the history of the universe.  Many beers were consumed. 
  7. Haiti (1994-1995):  Needing something to do the Marines are ordered to invade Haiti and reinstate a previously uninstated political leader by the name of Aristide.  They were successful and Amerikans celebrated the victory.  Why any of this was the business of the SDA was never explained.  How a Haitian political leader constituted a threat to SDA national security was never described.
  8. Kosovo (1998-1999):  Unhappy that the civil war with the Bosnians had come to an end, the Serbians decided to stir things up with the Albanians.  Having nothing better to do and needing some target practice, the SDA Air Force was ordered to bomb a bunch of them.  SDA patriots declared victory in the skirmish.  Once again the SDA military machine was pronounced the mightiest in the universe.  Many more beers were consumed.
  9. Afghanistan (2001-Present):  In the first wave of war on a noun (terror), SDA forces invade Afghanistan in search of Osama bin Laden, who is later killed in Pakistan.  While they are there they decide to overthrow the local government (Taliban) and install a puppet government.  Presently, the Taliban is waiting for the SDA to leave so they can throw out the puppet government and take over once again.  Amerikans are told that the Afghanistan war has somehow made the world more safe. 
  10. Iraq II (2003-2011): In a case of second generation revenge, King George II decides to avenge the disrespect shown his father by attacking and killing the political leader of Iraq.  King George II convinces SDA citizens, with absolutely no evidence to support his position, that Saddam Hussein has nuclear weapons he is about to launch against Amerika as well as claiming that Hussein had supported the earlier attack upon the Twin Towers.  Patriotic Amerikans celebrate the victory and proclaim the world to be safe for democracy despite the fact that all of King George II's claims about Hussein ended up being false.  It did not matter as truth had died long before King George II.  Don't forget that the first casualty in every war is the truth.
  11. Libya II (2011):  Showing a propensity to go back and mop up earlier operations, King Obama sends SDA military forces to overthrow the Libyan government.  Gaddafi is deposed and loyal Amerikans celebrate a great victory.  How Gaddafi ever posed a threat to SDA national security is not explained.  He had been around a long time and never done anything to the SDA except take its money. 
  12. Syria (2014-Present):  Claiming that Syrian President Assad is evil and that the Syrian rebel forces known as ISIS (or IS, or ISIL) also are evil, King Obama sends SDA military forces to fight both sides at the same time.  With the goal of overthrowing the Syrian government and installing a puppet leader friendly to the SDA, Obama embarks upon the amazingly creative approach of fighting two wars at the same time against the same foes.  Time will tell how this one comes out.
Here is a list of all of the things I am going to do today to honor the veterans of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika's foreign wars:
  1. Nothing.
Why, you might ask, am I so unpatriotic?  Why do I hate Amerika?   And why, on today of all days, do I refuse to honor the brave men and women who have served valiantly in the armed forces of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika?  How can I possible deprecate their service?  How can I spit in the face of those heroic men and women who, apart from their service and sacrifice for the cause of freedom and democracy, would have resulted in my presently being enslaved by a dictator in my homeland?  Let me answer those questions for you.
All of the wars that I have witnessed during my lifetime have been immoral.  They have all either been wars of imperial expansion, wars of theft of foreign property or wars designed to meddle in the affairs of sovereign nations that are none of our business.  Not one of the twelve wars listed above even comes close to satisfying the criteria for a just war.  Not one of the wars listed above was fought to defend my life and property.  Not one of the enemies vanquished above ever posed the slightest threat to the geo-political entity known as the United States.  Not one of the soldiers who have been killed by SDA forces ever could have killed an SDA citizen.  Therefore, all of those wars were immoral.
Claiming, as militaristic imperialists always do, that those wars were moral because they were "defending the United State's national interests abroad" does not exonerate the military or the career politicians who command them. In fact, it makes the very point that all of those wars were immoral.  The SDA should not have any interest in what takes place in sovereign nations that are not a legitimate threat to our homeland security.  The mere fact that the SDA has meddled in the affairs of hundreds of countries around the world does not justify the use of military force when things don't go our way.  There is no moral basis for the foreign policy position that the SDA is to serve as the world's policeman and that, therefore, everything the SDA does when acting as a policeman is moral. 
When a war is waged that is immoral, all things that take place during that war are immoral.  When property is destroyed, as it inevitably is, that is theft.  When lives are taken, as they inevitably are, that is murder.  The net result is that all combatants in the war, as well as all of those who aid and abet the combatants, are guilty of at least the twin sins of theft and murder.  Now let me ask you a question....why should I honor a thief and a murderer?  You are certainly free to do so but don't call me names when I don't.  I have the moral high ground here, you don't.   The burden of proof is upon anyone who believes any of the above twelve wars was moral.  Show how they were.  Prove it, just don't assume it because Amerika is exceptional and never does anything wrong.

I do recognize that some citizens of this sad land were sucked into military service in those twelve wars because they believed the propaganda they were hearing from the SDA government about how it was necessary to kill all those folks over there so they would not come over here to kill us.  I feel sorry for those folks.  They all fought for a lie.  PTSD is real.  Most every soldier who has fought overseas has PTSD.  They have PTSD because they know what I have written here is true.  But ignorance is no excuse.  The best thing to do, if you find yourself in that situation, is to repent of your sins and move on. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Putin Is More Moral Than Most Amerikans

Remember the good old days when it was easy to tell who the bad guys were?  Roy Rogers always wore a white hat.  That was because he was a good guy.  Conversely, anybody who rode into town wearing a black hat was immediately recognized as the bad guy of that episode.  White hat good, black hat bad.  It was all so very easy.
Even international relations were easy to understand in the old days.  Ronald Reagan told us all that the Russians were an evil empire.  Playing the part, the Russian leaders would jump up and down on tables, pounding them with their shoes and screaming about how they were going to bury the Amerikans.  Meanwhile, our leaders would always conclude their speeches by invoking the blessing of the God of the bible upon us.  The Russian leaders were reading from Lenin and declaring God to be dead.  Everything was very clear.  Amerikans were God-loving, bible believing good guys and Russians were God-hating, church destroying communists.  My how things have changed.
Have you listened to any of Vladimir Putin's speeches lately?  Have you examined his behavior? Go here to discover that, "Reported some time ago in the New York Times is that Vladimir Putin invokes God emphatically and certainly intentionally. Putin is quoted as saying that 'we are all different, but when we ask for the Lord’s blessings, we must not forget that God created us equal.'"  The article goes on, "So what? you say. Well, today Russia is investing $100 million to rebuild churches throughout the country. Money to rebuild these houses of worship is coming from Russian taxpayers."  There is more. "Further to the surprise of many Americans, particularly Evangelical Christians, Vladimir Putin carries a Christian cross with him at all times."  
This site declares, "In his Kremlin defense of Russia’s annexation of Crimea, Vladimir Putin, even before he began listing the battles where Russian blood had been shed on Crimean soil, spoke of an older deeper bond. Crimea, said Putin, 'is the location of ancient Khersones, where Prince Vladimir was baptized. His spiritual feat of adopting Orthodoxy predetermined the overall basis of the culture, civilization and human values that unite the peoples of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.' Russia is a Christian country, Putin was saying."  In one of the most audacious speeches I have ever heard, Putin declared that Russia is a Christian nation and the Socialist Democracy of Amerika is not.  According to the article, in a speech delivered last December, Putin said this about a decadent West,  "Many Euro-Atlantic countries have moved away from their roots, including Christian values. Policies are being pursued that place on the same level a multi-child family and a same-sex partnership, a faith in God and a belief in Satan. This is the path to degradation.” 
Did you get all of that?  Putin is criticizing the SDA for its immoral laws in regards to the family and homosexual behavior.  He even has the theological chutzpah to declare that SDA citizens are practicing deists in that they give the God of the Bible and Satan equal power.  That is a pretty sophisticated theological critique of this country's Evangelicals.  I doubt most Evangelicals in this country would even understand what Putin is saying.  What is most amazing is that Putin is 100% correct in what he declares.  
I was reading an article in the Denver Post last week about Apple CEO Tim Cook who declared that he is "proud to be gay."  He wrote an essay for Bloomberg Businessweek in order to announce his sexual perversions to the public.  Why any of us should care was not described.  Why his sexual behaviors are anybody's business was not elucidated.  But the story of his essay made the front page of the business news that day.  The article quoted Cook as he wrote, "I am proud to be gay, and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me."  The response to his essay was universally positive, at least in the SDA.  Although not the point of this post, Cook's proud declaration that his homosexual perversion is a gift form God will result in his eternal condemnation in the Lake of Fire if he does not repent before he dies. Make no mistake, God will not be mocked.  God declares that homosexuality is to be punished by death at the hands of the state government. That hardly constitutes a gift from Him. 
A couple of days later I read another article in the Denver Post.  This article was tucked away on a back page and was very short.  The title of the article was, "Russian statue dismantled after Apple CEO comes out."  The article went on to say that Russian law does not allow the propagation of propaganda that encourages immoral behavior such as homosexuality.   As a result, after Cook came out as a heterophobe (a homosexual who is pathologically terrified of heterosexuals, especially Christian ones) it was determined that "a six foot statue of an IPhone on a university campus in St. Petersburg has been taken down..."  
As I read that story I thought, "good for them, at least someone has the courage to stand up to immorality."  Then I realized what I was doing.  I was admitting that Russians are more moral than Amerikans.  In fact, not only are Russians more moral than Amerikans, Russian law is more biblical than Amerikan law.  And Russian politicians are more externally Christian than Amerikan politicians are.
Does God have an opinion about homosexual behavior?  Yes, He does.  He says it should be punished and deterred by the civil law.  The SDA declares the exact opposite.  Russia, under that man we are all told is so evil, is behaving consistently with biblical law.    It is a very strange world we live in these days.  I find that the things taking place in Russia are more consistent with biblical law than the things taking place in the SDA.  Indeed, I believe it is now fair to declare that Amerika has become a post-Christian society.  Meanwhile, it appears as if Russia is reverting to a Christian society.  Who would have thunk it?