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San Juan Mountains
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Friday, May 24, 2013

The Police Neither Serve Nor Protect

We were driving through northern New Mexico last week, looking for peaks to climb and roads to cycle, when my wife and I decided to make a pit stop at a small town pizza joint.  I forget the name of the pizza place.  It was in a town called White Rock.  A large white rock, looking as if it had been spray painted that color, marked the entrance to the town.  The town appeared to be a bedroom community for nearby Los Alamos.  We pulled into the parking lot and entered the building.  The pizza restaurant was in an old building initially constructed by the McDonalds corporation.  It was easy to tell this because it was clearly built when McDonalds was in its "play place" phase.  One half of the building was made of glass and was several stories high.  That is where the "play place" had been located during the initial use of the building.  That area was now filled with pool tables and assorted video games.  We ordered our pizza and sat down to wait.
While sitting there I scanned the decor of the room.  This particular pizza parlor used the style of interior decoration that consists of taking old highway signs and hanging them on the walls.  Directly across from me was a US 285 highway sign.  I like US 285.  It starts in Denver where it is known as Hampden Avenue.  It goes south from Denver and wanders through the beautiful Colorado Rocky mountains.  It crosses into New Mexico and takes a herky-jerky route to the southeast, passing through Santa Fe, crossing into Texas and eventually terminating in tiny Sanderson, Texas.  Sanderson is in the Big Bend area of west Texas.  It is close to the Mexican border and literally in the middle of nowhere.  I have sometimes thought it could be fun to get in the car and drive to Sanderson.  Maybe I will do it someday.
Another sign caught my eye.  It said, "Police Parking:  Reserved For Those Who Serve".  I pondered that sign for a while.  The more I pondered the message of the sign the more angry I became.  I got so angry I was almost unable to choke down my pizza when it arrived a few minutes later.  The message that sign conveyed is a popular one.  It seems as if most folks believe that the police are all heroes and deserving of special privileges in our society.  I don't share that view.  At best I see them as a largely unnecessary burden upon the taxpayers.  At worst they are our masters, continually crushing our necks under their jack-boots.  Let's consider the message of the sign for a moment, shall we?
Linda Greenhouse wrote an article for the New York Times in June of 2005.  Her article was about a then recent Supreme Court ruling that was largely ignored by the public.  Here is what she wrote, "The Supreme Court ruled on Monday that the police did not have a constitutional duty to protect a person from harm, even a woman who had obtained a court-issued protective order against a violent husband making an arrest mandatory for a violation.  The decision, with an opinion by Justice Antonin Scalia and dissents from Justices John Paul Stevens and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, overturned a ruling by a federal appeals court in Colorado."  I remember the Colorado case that eventually went to the Supreme Court.  A woman in Castle Rock had sued the police for their failure to respond to her calls for help in regards to a protective order she had against her ex-husband.  Her two children ended up being murdered by her ex-husband as a result of the police inaction.  The Supreme Court considered the case and issued the decision that created the law that now rules in the Socialist Democracy of America.  In the SDA the police have no legal duty to protect you in any way.  The Supreme Court went on to declare that the only duty the police have in regards to the citizens of the SDA is to enforce the laws created by the various legislative branches they work for.
This truth should not come as a revelation to any of us.  When the police were called to Columbine they spent hours "securing the perimeter" of the school prior to entering the building.  By then everything was done but the body count.  The same thing happened in the Aurora theater massacre.  While Mr. Holmes was inside the theater shooting people the police were outside "securing the perimeter".  Cops are very good at securing perimeters.  Their goal, of course, is to catch the bad guy when he is done doing whatever it is he is doing.  Actually stopping the bad guy from doing what he is doing is far too dangerous so they spend their time milling about at a safe distance from the action.
Where I grew up the side of police cars used to have an emblem that said "To Serve And Protect".  What a joke.  The Supreme Court has declared that the police have no duty to protect any of us in any way.  What about their duty to serve us?  Do they have a duty to serve us?  I guess the answer to that question all depends upon what you mean by the concept of service.  The police are agents of the state.  They serve the government.  Their one and only job is to enforce the laws created by government.  It does not matter that those laws might be immoral.  It does not matter that those laws might deny the constitutional rights of the citizens they rule over.  All that matters to the cops is that the law says something is illegal and they are going to arrest anyone caught doing that illegal activity.  Cops do serve, but they do not serve the people. They serve the state and enforce all of its oppressive, illegal and immoral laws against honest citizens.  I hardly see how the service rendered by the police should give a special right to privileged parking.  I an utterly incapable of seeing how the police serve anyone but themselves.
To be fair, balanced and objective, I am not saying that all cops are immoral.  I am only saying that most of them are.  There are some cops, pitiable creatures actually, who realize that the laws they enforce on the citizens of this land are immoral and invasive of the rights of the people but they continue their careers as cops because the pay is good and they are close to retirement age.  They try and convince themselves that they are doing no harm while they wait to get their disability status and twenty years of service record.  Then they will be able to retire with a six figure income at the age of 50, all paid for by the taxpayers of course.  I can almost have sympathy for these poor souls.  Almost.
On the other hand, there is a class of people who go out of their way to serve others.  These people go to work everyday, sometimes six or seven days a week and often for much more than eight hours a day, to produce goods and services for others.  They toil tirelessly to produce the things we want to purchase.  They constantly survey us to find out what we want and then they move heaven and earth to get those things for us.  There is no place in the world these people will not go to find, build or create the things we want.  These people are called businessmen and they work for profit seeking businesses.  When talking about service our minds should be immediately drawn to the unceasing activities of profit seeking businessmen.  They are the real heroes of our world.  They don't force us to do anything.  They do not take away our rights.  They do not put us in prison.  They do not invade our privacy.  They only offer us a seemingly never ending stream of goods and services available for prices most of us are willing to pay.  For providing us the goods and services we want they are labeled "immoral" and "greedy" by communists, socialists, statists, and other ignorant fools who worship the state and have no idea how an economy operates.  These same fools, who worship at the throne of state power, shake the hands of their local police officers, calling them heroes  and giving them special parking spaces near the front, while the real heroes in their lives, productive businessmen, are deemed evil and continually insulted.  What a travesty.
Some folks would argue that the police do actually serve us because sometimes they really do capture a person who has committed a real crime against one of us.  These folks believe that the real criminal is then "brought to justice" as a result of this police activity.   Their belief is only half true.  It is the case that the police occasionally capture people who have committed real immoral actions.  However, the criminals they capture are not brought to justice.  They are introduced to the judicial system of the SDA where anything but justice prevails.  It is not my purpose to critique the system of injustice we have in the SDA in today's post to this blog.  I will only point out that every criminal charge brought against every real criminal always begins with "The People vs XXXX".  "The People" means the State.  No victim of any real criminal activity ever has a right to call the shots in a criminal proceeding.  That activity is reserved to the government agents known as District Attorneys and the police officers who are in their service.  Once again we see that police officers serve the state, not the people. 
I do not own a restaurant.  I do not own a business that has a parking lot out front.  If I did own a restaurant or a business with a parking lot outside I would put up a sign that says, "Businessmen Parking:  Reserved For Those Who Serve".  Next to that sign I would put up another, "Police Parking:  Somewhere Else". If you are a cop and you have a conscience, you should retire.  Stop enforcing bad laws upon us.  Drop the fiction that you serve us in any way.  You don't, you can't and you never will.