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San Juan Mountains
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Friday, April 26, 2013

Boston Bombing Conspiracy Theory # 2

Yesterday I put forward a conspiracy theory about how the Boston Marathon bombing might have been designed and executed.  It involves insidious connections between the two young bombers and the FBI.  It involves entrapment and betrayal.  It involves lies and government coverups.  Most of all it involves the propagation of fear among the citizens of the Socialist Democracy of America and the advancement of State power, along with the requisite reduction in personal liberty that always accompanies the increase in State power.  Today I advance a very different conspiracy theory.  I call it conspiracy theory number two.  See what you think.
  • Alleged Fact # 1:  Neither the FBI nor the Department of Homeland Security has ever approached any person or citizen of the United States with the intention of entrapping that person in a criminal act.   The FBI follows the strict investigative procedures originally established by Herbert Hoover and only goes after criminals after they have committed crimes.  In every case in which a criminal or terrorist act takes place, the action always catches the FBI totally by surprise.  In no case has the government ever been involved in actually designing a criminal or terrorist act. Anyone, like Judge Napolitano, who would dare to suggest that the SDA government might actually be involved in the fabrication of alleged terrorist acts is an American hater who should leave the country.  Anyone who accuses government police forces of anything other than moral perfection should be charged with treason and executed, after a fair trail of course.
  • Alleged Fact # 2:  Runners who thought they saw bomb squads at the start line of the Boston Marathon are mistaken.  Participants who believe they saw bomb sniffing dogs and roof-top snipers are mistaken.  The runners confused Boston citizens out walking their dogs for bomb sniffing dogs.  They also confused sunbathers for roof-top snipers.  Those who thought they heard an announcement about paying no attention to the bomb squads that were wandering about the start line were mistaken.  No announcement was made.  They were probably so hyped up on coffee they thought they heard that announcement. OR..........the runners are correct.  They did see what they thought they saw and they did hear what they thought they heard.  However, it was all just a huge and tragic coincidence.  No government agency had any idea that a bomb might go off at the Boston Marathon. The presence of bomb squads was nothing more than an ill-timed drill.
  • Alleged Fact # 3:  The older brother was a psychotic on the verge of a psychotic breakdown.  At the time he was interviewed by the experts at the FBI about a year ago, he was a mild mannered boxer who loved the SDA and wanted to get a good job and raise a family.  Then, for no apparent reason whatsoever, his personality completely changed.  He went from being a mild mannered patriotic citizen to being a wild-eyed Islamic jihadist.  There is no reason for the change other than his own psychotic breakdown.   Furthermore, the experts at the FBI had no way of knowing that he was on the verge of a psychotic breakdown that would eventually result in a jihadist attack in Boston.
  • Alleged Fact # 4:  The older brother never had a friend named Misha.  The older brother was not influenced by anybody during the period of time he went from being a law abiding citizen to an SDA hating terrorist.  The family has made up the story about Misha in order to save face.  Misha will never be found because Misha never existed.   In Muslin circles it is terribly embarrassing to admit that one of your family is a psychotic.  In order to avoid the social embarrassment associated with having a psychotic family member the family has created an imaginary person named Misha who is allegedly responsible for the change of personality experienced by the older brother.  The truth is that the older brother became a terrorist because he is evil and hates America.  The older brother tried to kill Americans because he hates our freedom.  Clearly the older brother was a psychotic killer.  Furthermore, there was no one responsible for his psychotic break but himself.  
  • Alleged Fact # 5:  Although the brothers are deemed to be master terrorists due to their amazing skill at bomb creation, they show themselves to be bumbling fools when it comes time to actually detonate the bombs.  Government agents believe the bombs they created were highly sophisticated and must have indicated some advanced level of weapons training.  However, after the two master-minds created the sophisticated bomb devices, they seemed to be incapable of determining the best possible time and location to detonate their bombs in order to achieve maximum levels of terror.  Detonating the bombs at a sparsely populated location a full four hours after the race had started clearly indicates that their hatred for all things American blinded them to the point they were no longer thinking rationally about when and where to actually detonate the bombs.  They were masters of preparation but utter fools when it came time for the execution of their deadly plan.
  • Alleged Fact # 6:  Despite the fact that the various para-military forces that apprehended the brothers did everything they possibly could to capture them alive, the older brother died and the younger brother is in the hospital, unable to speak.  The government had a powerful vested interest in capturing these terrorists alive.  Their live capture would have allowed for interrogation that could possibly lead to the discovery of other terror cells in the country.  The fact that the brothers were showered with hundreds of rounds of gunfire over the course of two days does not indicate the great lengths the government agents went to to avoid harming them.  The intelligence they could have provided to the FBI and Homeland Security was so valuable the government was willing to do anything it could to avoid killing the terrorist brothers.  Alas, the older brother forced his own execution by conducting a Clint Eastwood style final attack upon the heroic protectors of our freedom the night he was gunned down and run over by a car.  Meanwhile, government agents are doing everything then can to obtain information from the younger brother.  It is only a matter of time before press releases to the general public will be given that contain elaborate tales of terrorist activities the FBI has been able to prevent.  All SDA citizens will finally see for themselves how valiant, heroic, far-sighted, and, most importantly, valuable our SDA anti-terrorist forces are to us.  Inevitably, budgets for Homeland Security will be expanded, more trained experts will be hired and public safety will increase dramatically.  Still, that does not mean that SDA citizens should cease being afraid.  That does not mean that SDA citizens should not be willing to give up some freedoms in exchange for personal security.  Be afraid, be very afraid.  Terrorists are lurking everywhere.
  • Alleged Fact # 7:  The younger brother who was hiding out in the backyard boat was injured when he took his gun and tried to shoot himself in the head.  He missed and ended up shooting himself in the neck, rendering himself incapable of speaking.  Photographs of the boat that show it riddled with bullet holes have been mistakenly used to allege that the armed forces that captured the younger terrorist had attempted to kill him.  Those photographs are either doctored or they accurately portray the condition of the boat.  If they accurately portray the condition of the boat that only proves that the boat owner kept the boat in the backyard because he liked to use it for target practice.  Reports that the younger terrorist did not even have a weapon at the time he was captured are false.  Such reports are the creation of "hate America first" types and should be ignored.  The younger brother was a dangerous terrorist who was capable of holding off hundreds of members of machine gun armed police forces with tanks and helicopters for an indeterminate period of time.  The fact that he was taken alive is a testament to their restraint in a tense and dangerous situation.  They should all be awarded medals for heroism.  After all, while a million cowardly citizens were cowering in their homes, these men were out there on the front line defending our freedom against the onslaught of a gut-shot teenage bomber hiding in a backyard boat.
Everything changed on 9/11.  The pattern of terrorist attacks against us continues unabated to this day.  If not for the never-ending efforts of dedicated public servants the American way of life would have ceased to exist by now.  We owe these government agents our very lives.  Today, if you see anyone in uniform (police officers, firemen, government school cross-walk monitors, national park rangers, game wardens, TSA officers and card carrying career politicians), go up to them and give them a hearty handshake of appreciation for their selfless efforts to defend your freedoms and protect  your life.  Amen.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Boston Bombing Conspiracy Theory # 1

I was watching Dateline on the television last night when I had a sudden moment of insight about the Boston Marathon bombing.  Things are not like what we are being told.  There are far too many strange events and unexplained circumstances for this to be a simple matter of another lone (or, in this case, two) bomber on a personal vendetta.  There is much more here than just another crazed Muslim jihadist looking for an opportunity to kill people and destroy property.  I am sure many bloggers are putting together their conspiracy theories on the Boston bombing.  Allow me to offer mine to you today.  I begin with the facts:
  • Fact #1:  Almost all alleged "terrorist" attacks that have taken place on the soil of the Socialist Democracy of America since 9/11/01 have been fabricated by undercover FBI agents who entrapped hapless Muslims in their "terror" schemes.  (See:  The obvious motive for the FBI and other members of the Homeland Security agency is to keep the citizens of the SDA in perpetual fear and thus ensure the continuation of their jobs and expansion of their bureaus. Fear is the health of government.
  • Fact # 2:  The FBI and Homeland Security had an extensive bomb squad presence at the start line of the Boston Marathon.  Here is the statement of Boston Marathon participant Alastair Stevenson about the presence of a bomb squad at the start line: “At the start at the event, at the Athlete’s Village, there were people on the roof looking down onto the Village at the start. There were dogs with their handlers going around sniffing for explosives, and we were told on a loud announcement that we shouldn’t be concerned and that it was just a drill. And maybe it was just a drill, but I’ve never seen anything like that — not at any marathon that I’ve ever been to. You know, that just concerned me that that’s the only race that I’ve seen in my life where they had dogs sniffing for explosions, and that’s the only place where there had been explosions.”
  • Fact # 3:  The older brother had been previously interviewed by the FBI, due to a tip from the Russians, a year or so ago and was determined to not be a terrorist threat.  Friends of the older brother describe him as a regular SDA citizen who was a skilled boxer and with no verbalized desires to engage in anti-government activities and no desires to engage in terrorist plots.   Then, immediately after his interview with the FBI, friends have stated that his personality changed and he became a jihadist.  
  • Fact # 4:  A man by the name of Misha befriended the older brother after his meeting with the FBI and is alleged to have been instrumental in converting the older brother into a jihadist.  Misha has now disappeared.  (See:
  • Fact # 5:  Despite the fact that the brothers wanted to inflict the maximum amount of death and mayhem upon the participants and viewers of the Boston Marathon, they selected a remote location near the finish line of the race and detonated their bombs more than four hours after the race had started.  Quite obviously the bombs they detonated could have done much more damage if they had been detonated in the staging area for the race just prior to the start of the race.
  • Fact # 6:  The older brother is now a dead man and, as they say, dead men tell no tales.  Nobody will ever know his side of the story.   The younger brother is now in custody and it remains to be seen if we will ever hear any public statements from him that are not first censored by the FBI and Homeland Security.
  • Fact # 7:  According to the Dateline report last night, the FBI quickly identified the two brothers from security tapes that were available of the bombing scene.  It was reported that they had no idea who they were looking for yet, somehow, they immediately identified the brothers as the primary suspects.   The report specifically stated that there was nothing conspicuous about the two brothers that would lead FBI and Homeland Security agents to finger them as the bombers.  Either they made a very lucky guess or they knew who they were looking for in advance.
Based upon the incontrovertible facts listed above, a rather obvious conspiracy theory literally forms itself.  When the older brother was interviewed by the FBI a year or so ago,  it was determined by the powers that be that he would be a good stooge for another "terrorist attack" that was to be entirely orchestrated by the FBI and Homeland Security.  The FBI handler for the older brother is the fellow named Misha, who will likely never be heard from again.  Misha worked with the older brother to turn him into a terrorist as they conspired together to detonate a bomb at the Boston Marathon.  Unlike the previous 17 custom designed "acts of terror" created by the FBI, this one escaped their control.  Somehow the older brother started operating on his own.  He recruited his younger brother to the cause and they built three bombs outside the command and control of the FBI handler.  Once the FBI realized they had lost control of the bomber they had so carefully groomed, they decided that he must be stopped at all costs.  No doubt the original plan was to detonate the bombs at the start line as the racers were staging for the race.
I suspect that the brothers showed up at the start line for the marathon that morning with the full intention of detonating their bombs at that location just prior to the start of the race.  No doubt they were quite surprised to discover a massive FBI bomb squad presence at the start of the race.  Quickly adapting to the changing circumstances they had to come up with an alternative plan.  The decision was made to make their way to the finish line and set up the bombs at that location.  The results would be less dramatic but they were in no position to quibble over the details by this point.   Four hours later they had placed their bombs and we all know what happened from that point onward.
The only person who could expose FBI complicity in this event, the older brother, is dead.  The younger brother might be starting to figure it out.  That is why it seemed as if the authorities tried to kill him while he languished in the backyard boat.  It was fascinating to me that the Dateline report completely distorted the description of how the younger brother was captured.  The report said that a man noticed something suspicious about his backyard boat and called the police.  The police arrived and determined that the younger brother was hiding in the boat.  The report continued by telling us that the FBI was then notified and a FBI negotiator managed to talk the young man into coming out of the boat and surrendering to authorities.  No mention was made of the fact that the police had riddled the boat with gunfire prior to the young man surrendering.  (See:  Pictures of the boat sure make it appear as if the police were attempting to execute the younger brother on the spot.  I suspect they were all surprised that he survived.
So the Boston Marathon Bombing turns out to be just another example of a government sponsored "terrorist" action gone awry.  The patsies of the FBI ploy are either dead or in FBI custody, never to be heard from again.  The propaganda mills are spilling out report after report exhorting us to worship our state saviors.  The overwhelming message of the Dateline program is that all citizens of the SDA should be afraid, very afraid.  The associated message was that only the state can protect us.  Another associated message was that the freedom found on the internet is dangerous.  No freedom is so sacred that it cannot be sacrificed on the altar of the government's promise to protect us from terror.  Despite the fact that three SDA citizens got killed, the government security forces accomplished their objectives at the Boston marathon and we are all a lot less free today as a result of it.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Joe Bonamassa Concert Goers Are Selfish Jerks

I went to a Joe Bonamassa concert last night with my wife.  We left early despite the fact that we both like Joe Bonamassa.  We couldn't stand being in the presence of selfish concert goers any longer so we got up and walked out.  It is a relatively short story so I will tell you about our adventure in rudeness.
I should have known something was up when large crowds packed the parking garage next to the venue.  I have seen Joe several times and he has never played to a large crowd.  This particular venue holds about five thousand people and was close to being sold out.  As Joe would later tell us, it was the largest crowd he had every played for.  When crowds get larger the potential for human stupidity, selfishness and rudeness multiples exponentially.  There is generally enough peer pressure in a small crowd to keep people from misbehaving unless they are really drunk.  Even then, the drunk will usually quickly pass out or wander away when he is given the cold shoulder by other attendees.  Not so in a large crowd.  In a large crowd an immediate competition evolves in which each group of rude people attempts to outdo the other group in audacity.  If one person from a group of idiots yells something stupid out loud, another person from an even dumber group will yell something even more stupid and out loud.  And so it begins.
I should have known something was up when I saw the people filing into the theater.  It is fascinating to observe how women dress these days.  I am frequently impressed by the fact that if the women who attended last night's show had been put into a time machine and moved back thirty or forty years and then allowed to walk down a city street, most of them would have been arrested for soliciting prostitution.  The more slutty they look the more pleased they are with themselves.  The men are no better.  Most of them looked like they were trying way too hard.  Most of them looked like they had spent as much time in front of the mirror as their slutty companions had.  My only consolation was the fact that the theater would soon be dark and I would not have to look at any of these people any longer.
I should have known something was up when I noticed the long lines at the counters to buy booze.  Because the size of the crowd surprised me it took longer for us to get there and we ended up getting into the theater just prior to the start of the show.  Despite the fact that the show was about to begin there were people standing in deep lines awaiting their opportunity to buy some alcoholic beverages.  When the show started the theater was not even close to being full.  The patrons wandered in during the first acoustic set and settled down with their drinks.
Joe Bonamassa is a guitar virtuoso.  He is equally accomplished on acoustic and electric guitar.  He was a child prodigy and spent much of his early life touring with B.B. King.  He has been on his own for many years now and he tours relentlessly.  He puts on a very good show and anyone who appreciates blues/rock guitar would enjoy listening to him.  One of the best concerts we have ever attended featured Joe in a small venue in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  He blew us away with his prowess.  As a result, we were very much looking forward to this concert.  Alas, our hopes were soon to be dashed.
By the end of the acoustic set the air-headed fans had settled into their seats, nicely liquored up.  Joe began the electric set with a thunderous chord and the race was on to see who could be the most obnoxious fan.  We like attending concerts at this particular venue because the owners generally keep the fans under control.  Dancing in the aisles is not permitted.  Folks who crash the stage are removed.  Even those who would stand up are instructed to remain in their seats so as to not impair the vision of the stage for those sitting behind them.  One thing, however, that cannot be controlled, is the shouting.  Things were soon out of control.
Joe plays a wide variety of styles.  He does a great job with each style.  One style that he enjoys playing is minimalist solo guitar.  During these moments the rest of the band sits quietly while he picks out an improvised melody at a very low decibel level.  These moments can sometimes be the highlight of the song or even the show when the right combination of musical magic comes together.  It is a time for the audience to sit quietly and appreciate the skill of the man onstage.  Such was not to be this night.  Every time Joe would begin to play quietly the idiots in the audience would start shouting.  At first I tried to ignore them but there were so many of them in competition with each other that it became impossible to ignore.  Their rudeness was so bad that Joe himself took a moment while he was playing to raise his finger to his lips and exhort them to "shussh".  They ignored him.
When the music would grow loud the masses would shout their approval.  When the music would grow still they would shout even more.  It got so bad that Joe simply quit on one song.  He was playing a beautiful tune at the time.  The groups of idiots in the crowd were doing their thing, yelling and being obnoxious.  Finally, in what appeared to be a highly frustrating moment for the featured performer, Joe simply stopped playing, looked at the crowd and said something like "that's all".  He ended the song and launched into something loud.  That is when I decided that I didn't want any more of what was going on.  Some drunken women staggered down the aisle on which I was sitting and started to dance.  Before the ushers could grab them I asked my wife if she would mind if we left.  She was sharing the same thoughts that I had and we were out of there.
So, thanks to all of you selfish, drunken neanderthals who attended the Joe Bonamassa concert last night.  You accomplished your goal of getting everyone to notice you.  We, however, did not pay to watch you.  We paid to watch Joe and your antics made it impossible to do so.  I would attempt to shame you if you had any shame.  Clearly you do not.  You are all a bunch of selfish jerks.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Garage Sale Economics

A lady named Barb Tobias wrote a column for the Denver Post a couple of weeks ago in which she described what she considers to be the fantastic deals a person can obtain at garage sales.  A week after her column was run in the paper a man from Denver by the name of Stan McWhinnie took exception to what she had written.  In particular he said that the title of her column should have been, "How to get something for much less than you know is an honest price from someone who is probably selling off personal items because he or she needs the money."  He proposed an alternative title called, "How to chisel and take advantage of an other's misfortune."  Mr. McWhinnie (I am resisting the temptation to make fun of his name....there are so many possibilities) is very upset that anyone would go to a garage sale with the intention of getting a good deal on something.  He believes that people who get good deals at garage sales are taking advantage of the misfortune of others and that it is an immoral activity.  Mr. McWhinnie understands very little about economics.  Allow me to enlighten him.
Stan is not alone in his economic ignorance.  Although most people engage in many economic transactions every single day, those people never take the time to consider the economic truths illustrated by every transaction they make.  I begin with the presupposition that there is no coercion involved in the transaction.  When a robber tells you to give him all your money or he will shoot, that is not a voluntary transaction.  Nor is it a moral transaction.  Likewise, when the state tells me that I must use the USPS for transmittal of a first class letter, under penalty of law for using any other company, that is also not a voluntary transaction.  Nor is it a moral transaction.  Everything that I write below assumes that the two parties to the transaction are free to engage in the transaction or, conversely,  to not engage in the transaction.  I assume that both parties do what they do because they want to do so, regardless of the specific reasons why each party would want to engage in a transaction.  In fact, the specific reasons why a person wants to engage in the transaction are totally irrelevant.  All that matters is that two people wish to trade.
Most people believe that a trade takes place when two people agree upon the price of something.  Although that simple observation is correct, it misses the point as to how the transaction ever got to the point where it could be made.  A transaction only occurs when one party to the transaction comes to value the other person's good more than he values the money he has in his pocket.  If he values the other person's good equal to or less than the money he has in his pocket, the transaction will not take place.  Conversely, the person providing the good must come to value the money being offered to him more than the good that he currently holds.  If he values the good he currently  holds equal to or less than the money being offered, the transaction will not take place.  This inescapable economic truth that a transaction will only take place when both parties value the other person's good or money more than his own good or money has several necessary corollaries.
The first corollary is that there is no objective standard of value for the good being offered.  One person will value the good at a certain amount of money and another person will value the good for a different amount of money.  In other words, goods available for sale do not have an intrinsic value.  A good offered for sale is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.  A good offered for sale will have a multitude of true valuations, depending upon how many people appraise that good and how much they subjectively value it.  The mistaken belief that a good has objective value leads many people into all sorts of wrong thinking about economic transactions.
Second, both parties to the transaction go away from the transaction happy, whether the transaction occurs or not.  When the transaction occurs it is due to the simple fact that both parties wanted what the other person had more than what he had. When they make the trade, they both go away happy.  In the situation where the trade does not occur, it does not occur because at least one of the parties to the transaction did not want to make the trade.  The price was too low or two high for one of the parties.  Of course it is possible that the other party may have wanted to make the transaction at the higher or lower price but neither party has any basis to complain or declare that something immoral has take place.  I wanted $5000 for my 1998 Subaru with 458,000 miles on it.  At the auction it sold for $550. I took the $550.  I cannot complain that I have been robbed simply because I wanted more than I was willing to sell it for.
This brings us back to Stan's understanding of garage sale transactions.  Stan tells us a bit about himself.  He says, "As a former garage sale addict, I speak with years of experience.  I have often given someone more than their asking price when the item was obviously very under priced.  There is much more personal satisfaction in knowing that I was fair to the seller than there is in the momentary exhilaration of finding a great bargain."  Stan's self righteousness is oozing all over, isn't it?  He pays more for a garage sale good than the price on the sticker.  He must be a great human being.  He does it because he is a philanthropist.  He also wants us to know he is a great philanthropist.  He has now received his reward in full.
Stan commits the economic error of believing in the objective value of a good.  He tells us that he is able to determine when something is "under priced".  The only way he could possibly do this is if there is some objective standard for what that item is worth and he knows what that price is.  There is not.  All Stan is telling us is that he values the particular good more highly than the person selling it values it.  In fact, he values it so much more highly than the person selling it that he is willing to pay more than the person selling it is asking.  He does this because he is buying two things.  He is buying the good and he is buying the sense of self righteousness he derives by paying more than the person was asking.  In this case, just like in all voluntary transactions, both parties get what they want.
Stan is not done telling us how good he is.  He says, "In addition, I have never tried to bargain down the price of an item when the price was already very fair.".  In actuality all Stan is telling us is that he typically is willing to part with his money by paying the sticker price on a garage sale good.  He considers that to be a sign of his general kindness, goodness and generosity.  Economically it simply means he is willing to pay more than most people for a particular item.  As I already noted, Stan is willing to pay this premium because he is actually buying two things:  the good and his own sense of self righteousness and moral superiority.
Stan concludes by exhorting us to approach garage sales with a new perspective.  He says, "I suggest that when thrift shopping, you take more pleasure in helping someone than in beating that seller down."  In other words, Stan is not content to merely tell us that he is our moral superior.  He also believes that he has the right to exhort us to rise to his high level of moral behavior.  Again, he misunderstands the nature of economic transactions.  Offering a lower price than that which is marked on the good is not an example of "beating the seller down."  It is nothing more than the process that we use to see if a transaction can take place.  Offering a lower price tells the seller that my subjective appraisal of the value of that good is lower than what he thought.  The seller now has the option of waiting until someone else comes along who might value the good much more than I do and thus be willing to pay that price or adjusting his expectations by taking my offer.  Or he may decide that he values the good more than any of the shoppers in his garage and take it off the market.  My offering of a lower price is actually doing a great service to the seller.  I am helping him appraise the market for his good and aiding him in the process of deciding how much to sell his good for, if he decides to keep it on the market.  In either case the lower offer is of great value to the seller because it provides him with valuable information about his potential customers. 
Stan's sense of moral superiority makes it impossible for him to see what is really going on in garage sale transactions.  That is OK.  He does not need to be an economic expert.  I am sure that whatever he does on a daily basis he does very well.  But, he has no right to tell me that I am morally inferior to him because I do understand what goes on in garage sale transactions.  He has no right to accuse me of immoral behavior when I attempt to bargain down on a garage sale item.  He certainly has no right to accuse me of sin for seeking what I subjectively consider to be a good deal.  As Stan has exhorted me to pay a higher price than I would be generally willing to pay, so I exhort Stan to mind his own business.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Gross Government Overreaction In Boston Bombing

Am I the only citizen in the Socialist Democracy of America who believes that last weeks' events in Boston illustrated a terrifying propensity of law enforcement authorities to overstep their bounds and oppress law abiding citizens?  Although it was not called by the name of "martial law", the behavior of the various government policing authorities was a  perfect de facto example of the enforcement of martial law on the population of an SDA city.  As I watched the various video images play out over the course of the week I was chilled by the fact that if the videos had been in black and white and the people shown in them had been Eastern Europeans during the 1950s and 1960s,  I would not have been able to tell the difference between what transpired in Boston and what all citizens of the former USA used to mock about what we saw in the cold-war communist bloc countries.  Citizens cowered in their homes, peering out of darkened windows upon streets filled with hoards of marauding law enforcement officers carrying machine guns and dressed in body armor.  The streets were empty except for the bands of SWAT teams and the armored vehicles being driven by government law enforcement agents.  And all of this was to simply chase down one injured teenager eventually found hiding under the cover of a boat by the owner of the boat when he dared to defy the authorities order to stay inside and stepped outside for a smoke.
According to media reports the entire Boston area was ordered to go into "lock down".  Millions of people who had done absolutely nothing wrong were ordered by machine gun carrying thugs to stay in their homes and suspend all of their daily activities until such a time as the government decided they could go back to normal life.  Who knows how many millions of dollars were lost as businesses did not open and people did not report to work?  Who is going to reimburse the innocent victims of this crazed government lock down for their losses?  Photographs of downtown Boston looked like portraits of an abandoned ghost town, except for the armored personnel carriers and the bands of machine gun toting warriors intent upon harassing any citizen that dared to defy the lock down order.  Something is going on here and it is not good.
Let us admit, shall we, that all of the various alphabet soup government agencies created after 9/11 desperately wanted an event like the Boston bombing to take place.  There have been no legitimate terrorist attacks on SDA soil since 9/11.  Despite the fact that the war on terror has been a one battle war, the SDA has spent hundreds of billions of dollars on men and military equipment to fight this imaginary war on SDA soil.  Police departments have been turned into virtual military machines.  The advanced state of weaponry now turned on the citizens of the SDA is more advanced and powerful than what was used against the Germans in WWII.  The Department of Homeland Security (an oxymoron if there ever was one) is an enormously bloated militarized bureau with literally nothing to do.  It desperately needed a terrorist attack to justify its existence.  And, like the regular armed forces of the SDA, with all of these people and equipment sitting around doing nothing, somebody eventually develops an itchy trigger finger and the battle erupts.  That is what I believed happened in Boston.  The two culprits in the bombing could have easily been captured, quite possibly with both of them alive, by normal operations of the local police and the FBI.  Once their faces were broadcast over the media it would have taken very little time to find out where they were hiding and round them up.  All of this could have been accomplished while only disrupting the lives of a handful of law abiding citizens.  Make no mistake, the FBI, Homeland Security, the National Guard, the Boston Police, and any other armed government group that was present in Boston desperately wanted an opportunity to try out their new toys.  A state of lock down and untold thousands of individual violations of the fourth amendment were the result.
The residents of Watertown were informed that the Constitution of the United States did not apply to them during the lock down.  The fourth amendment to the Constitution says that all people have a right to be secure in their papers, property and persons.  The fourth amendment theoretically guarantees that no person can have his house searched without the prior issuance of a search warrant based upon probable cause that a crime has been committed.  The fourth amendment died in Boston last week.  The jack booted thugs in Homeland Security rejoiced.  Now they were able to treat the citizens of Boston the same way they have seen the SDA military treat the citizens of Iraq.  Yea, they were real big shots now.  They did not waste a moment before jumping into action.  A door to door search was conducted in many homes in Watertown.  A citizen who had previously been ordered to stay in his home was greeted by a knock at the door.  Swarms of machine gun carrying men clad in body armor then told him that he was to leave his home and stand in the street while they conducted a search of it.  Those who refused to do so were handcuffed and removed from their homes while the search took place.  After the search was completed they were ordered back into their homes and told to await further instructions from their gun carrying superiors.  Can anybody say Nazi Germany?  Can anybody say Stalin's Russia?  Can anybody say Mao's China?  People, have we all lost our minds?  Where is the outrage?
As I am writing this I am looking at a picture of a cop walking down a Boston street last week while being cheered by hundreds of flag-draped citizens praising him for his heroism.  The picture was taken after the teenage bomber was taken into custody by the authorities.  People were told they could go back into the streets after the teenager was captured.  Apparently the first thing many of the citizens did was to run up to any armor-clad, gun toting government thug they could find and praise and thank him for his heroism and service.  Once again I must ask, have we all lost our minds?  I was shocked and appalled to see video of cops driving down the streets with their hands out the window of their cars, "high-fiving" hundreds of idiotic citizens who were lining the streets just for the chance of getting a glimpse of their state anointed saviors.  All of this because a gut-shot teenager had just been apprehended while hiding in a backyard boat?
I cannot believe that it has come to this so quickly.  I cannot believe that the citizens of the SDA have so quickly turned into state worshiping sheep who will surrender their every freedom in exchange for protection from threats that do not even exist.  I am unable to find the words to express the gut wrenching disgust I feel for my fellow citizens.  I would rather have a bomb go off in an American city every day of the year than witness the disgusting and repulsive sight of cowering citizens worshiping their state saviors like we saw in Boston last week.  If that is the future of the SDA I want no part of it.  If what happened in Boston happens in my town I think I will defy the lock down order and boldly march down the street where I would expect to be quickly gunned down by one of my trigger happy protectors.  That would be a noble death to die.  That is what a patriot would do.  That is what one would do when he believes that the loss of freedom at the hand of our state protectors is a fate worse than death.  There was a time when the citizens of this country would say, "Give me liberty, or give me death."  That time is no more.  Today we say, "I am terrified of the dark and all of the alleged bad guys hiding in it.   I believe the government can protect me from everything and everyone that it calls bad.  I surrender all to my government.  Praise the Government. Amen."